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This Month in the Korean War: June 1950 - 1953


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June 25, 1950: North Korean forces cross border with South Korea. North Korean People's Army (NKPA) numbers approximately 135,000 men; Republic of Korea (ROK) Army contains 98,000 soldiers.

June 27, 1950: President Harry S. Truman deploys the 7th Fleet to the waters off Taiwan to prevent the spread of the conflict in Korea to other Far East waters.

June 27, 1950: First air victory of the war.  A 68th All-Weather Squadron F-82 shoots down North Korean Yak fighter. (Two enemy planes are destroyed in this battle).

June 29, 1950: Fifth Air Force's 3rd Bombardment Group sends 18 B-26 Invader light bombers against Heijo Airfield near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang: 25 aircraft are destroyed on the ground; one Yak fighter is shot down.


MarilynMaxwell1.jpgMarilyn Maxwell


June 1, 1951: General Van Fleet strengthens the Kansas line and sends forces farther north, toward Line Wyoming.

June 1-20, 1951: Battle for the Punchbowl. The 1st Marine Division advances northeast of the Hwachon Reservoir and encounters heavy North Korean resistance, but succeeds in taking its objective, a ridgeline overlooking a deep circular valley nicknamed the "Punchbowl."

June 23, 1951: The Soviet Union calls for armistice talks.


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June 6-14, 1952: Operation COUNTER. The 45th Infantry Division launches a two-phased series of attacks to establish 11 patrol bases in the Old Baldy area.  Second and 34d Battalions, 180th Infantry Regiment, fight fiercely for Outpost Eerie on Hill 191, which is counterattacked by two Chinese battalions.

June 23-26, 1952: Navy, Air Force and Marine aircraft conduct a series of attacks that heavily damage North Korea's vital hydroelectric dams and related facilities at Suiho and other sites on the Yalu River between North Korea and the People's Repbulic of China.  The attacks knock out North Korea's power grid for two weeks.


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June 15, 1953: Far East Air Force (FEAF)  Sabres Destroy 16 MiGs, the largest number shot down in one day.


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