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Tilt5 hardware...

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So from the ashes of CastAR comes Tilt5.



This episode of the Amp Hour podcast goes pretty deep into what happened to CastAR and why.  It's pretty entertaining.



I don't know that it's sim-worthy though.


(How do I change my account icon to a jpg instead of the "G" on a colored background?)




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Just click on your username, then overlapping the big 'G' on the upper left there's a little button to select your photo.


Yeah, I've signed up with them for email alerts. I really hope they have a better tracking solution this time.

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I'm not signing up for an instant messaging service, so please keep us informed about what they're up to.


I'll try and get a dev kit as well, it may be a while before they ship outside the USA though.

While they are concentrating on a tabletop format for the time being, I still think the basic idea has potential for flightsims.

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On 9/26/2019 at 4:34 PM, geneb said:

There's a 30 minute video that Tested did that you might want to check out

Thanks! I've finally got around to watching it. If anyone else is interested, it's this one.


In any of the 'through the glasses' shots. it seems they are still using that CastAR plate with 5 or so IR LEDs on it and not the dots around the edge for the tracking. So, a bit misleading.

We know the visuals work well, but it's the tracking that concerns me as I could never get the CastAR prototype to work smoothly.


Anyway, a few days left before the campaign ends. I'm getting slightly more enthusiastic. :)

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OK, I relented in the end and joined in...


I did some experiments with my castAR prototype, and it may not just be the tracking that's the problem, but the whole reprojection loop being too slow.

Strikes me that this may be much tougher for AR than VR to handle

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On 11/11/2019 at 10:16 AM, mikew said:

Let's reconvene next year when hopefully we'll get our hands on it.

...or maybe the year after that. :)


2021 now, and while I've been receiving the Kickstarter updates, I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes.

The Discord channel is very 'noisy', so have you been keeping up with things?

The last significant thing I heard was some new VC funding. For CastAR, I thought this was a negative thing since it went from a cool PC peripheral to some android-y ecosystem thing. :(


But the main reason I'm posting this now is that I was doing a search for some old 'Graphics Workshop' SW and found this:



Great work! :thumbsup:

I didn't realize they did compression SW as well, so plenty to read on that site.

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