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"Another Canadian Original! COMBATSIM.COM!"

Today's headlines...

XDR2 Announced

Critical fixes for Windows, Office coming

Galaxy GeForce 6600 GT SmartFlash

Noiseblocker Cool Scraper SX1 CPU Cooler Review

Prince of Persia: Kindred Blades Movie

Codename Panzers: Phase Two New Screens

BF2 Hotfix Coming - Downgrade Suggested

New Chaos Theory Maps Dated

Battlestrike: The Siege First Screens

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Observation: If CPU coolers get much bigger, I think the side of the computer case will need a bulge or a big hole cut into it. Anybody else starting to get that impression?

Yeah, seems like everything else is downsizing, and CPU coolers keep getting larger. Water Cooling or that new liquid metal technology may be what kills these big coolers.

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