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This Day in WWII 1 July 1940 - 1945


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NorthAmericanAviation-July1942.jpgNorth American Aircraft Ad - July 1942


1940: In the first 6 months of the year, German U-boats have sunk 900,000 tons of Allied shipping.


1940: German troops occupy Jersey and complete the capture of the Channel Islands, the only British territory ever captured by Germany during World War 2. The French government of Marshal Petain moves from Bordeaux to Vichy. Germany asks the USA and other neutrals to withdraw diplomatic missions from Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Norway. British milk price maximum is raised to 4d a pint.


1940: Marshal Balbo is replaced by Marshal Graziani as C-in-C of the Italian forces in Libya.


RhondaFleming1.jpg *Rhonda Fleming


1941: Icelandic-American exchange of letter respecting defense of Iceland.


1941: Coal deliveries to all establishments in Britain limited to one ton per month.


RhondaFleming2.jpg Rhonda Fleming


1941: RAF starts daylight air offensive over Northern France, English Channel and Occupied Europe.


1941: German armoured forces of Panzergruppe 4 of Heeresgruppe Nord cross the Dvina and capture Riga, while units of Panzergruppe 2 of Heeresgruppe Mitte reach the Berezina near Borisov.


RhondaFleming3.jpg Rhonda Fleming


1941: Auchinleck becomes C-in-C of the Middle East.


1941: Wavell becomes C-in-C, India. The Axis recognises the Japanese backed government of China.


RonsonLighters-July1945.jpg Ronson Lighters Ad - July 1945


1942: German troops capture Sevestpol, Crimea, in the Soviet Union.


1942: Rommel captures 2,000 prisoners from the El Alamein 'box' but loses 18 of his 55 remaining tanks.


1943: Hitler addresses the generals taking part in the imminent operation 'Citadel' at Kursk.


RhondaFleming4.jpg Rhonda Fleming


1944: The invasion of southern France is fixed for the 15th August. Since D-Day, the Allies have landed 920,000 troops, 177,000 vehicles and 600,000 tons of supplies and equipment. In the 24 days of fighting, they have lost 62,000 men killed, wounded and missing. Beginning of the Bretton Woods Conference convened to deal with postwar financial and economic problems. The establishment of the International Monetary Fund for Reconstruction and Development is announced.


1944: The Fifth Guards Tank Army of the 3rd Belorussian Front takes Borisov, less that 50 miles North East of Minsk.


1944: The Japanese Imphal-Kohima survivors are encircled at Ukrul.


RhondaFleming5.jpg Rhonda Fleming


1945: The U.S. 2nd Armoured Division from Halle enter Berlin in accordance with the four-power agreement over the division of Germany into zones.


1945: The Australian 7th Division lands at Balikpapan on South East coast of Borneo after a 15-day bombardment.


RhondaFleming6.jpg Rhonda Fleming


*Born Marilyn Louis in Hollywood, California on August 10, 1923, Rhonda Fleming attended Beverly Hills public and private schools. Her mother, Effie Graham, was a famous model and actress in New York. She has appeared in over 40 films, starting with featured roles in David O. Selznick's "Spellbound" (1945), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Jacques Tourneur's "Out of the Past" (1947) and Robert Siodmak's "The Spiral Staircase" (1945) and leading into starring roles in such classics as "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" (1949), "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" (1957), "Home Before Dark" (1958), "Pony Express" (1953), "Slightly Scarlet" (1956), "While the City Sleeps" (1956) and "The Big Circus" (1959). While Fleming was always a competent actress, she was more renowned for her exquisite beauty, and the camera absolutely adored her. At one time, a cameraman on one of her films remarked on how he was so struck by her beauty that, as a gag, he intentionally tried to photograph her badly; he was astonished to discover that no matter how deliberately he botched it, she still came out looking ravishing. Among her co-stars over the years were Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, Glenn Ford, Burt Lancaster, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Rock Hudson and Ronald Reagan (with whom she made four films).


In addition to motion pictures, Fleming made her Broadway debut in Clare Boothe Luce's "The Women", essayed the role of "Lalume" in "Kismet" at the Los Angeles Music Center and toured as "Madame Dubonnet" in "The Boyfriend". She made her stage musical debut in Las Vegas at the opening of the Tropicana Hotel's showroom. Later, she appeared at the Hollywood Bowl in a one-woman concert of Cole Porter and Irving Berlin compositions. She also starred in a national ten-week concert tour with Skitch Henderson, featuring the music of George Gershwin. She has guest-starred on numerous television series, including "Wagon Train" (1957), "Police Woman" (1974), "The Love Boat" (1977), "Last Hours Before Morning" (1975) (TV), and a two-hour special of "McMillan & Wife" (1971). "Waiting for the Wind" (1990) reunited her with her former co-star, Robert Mitchum.


RhondaFleming7.jpg Rhonda Fleming


In private life, as of 2016, Fleming (aged 92) resides in Century City, California with her new husband, Darol W. Carlson. She was married for 23 years to Ted Mann, producer and chairman of Mann Theatres, until his death in January 2001. She is a member and supporter of Childhelp USA, ARCS (Achievement Rewards For College Scientists); a Life Associate of Pepperdine University; a Lifetime Member of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge; a Founding Member of the French Foundation For Alzheimer Research; a Benefactor of the Los Angeles Music Center: and a Member of the Center's Blue Ribbon Board of Directors. She is a Member of the Advisory Board of Olive Crest Treatment Centers for Abused Children and serves as a Board of Directors Trustee of World Opportunities International. Along with Ted Mann, she helped build the Jerusalem Film Institute in Israel. Miss Fleming also is a member of the Board of Trustees of The UCLA Foundation and a member of the Board of Advisors of the REVLON/UCLA Women's Health Research Program. In addition, she created at the City of Hope Hospital The Rhonda Fleming Mann Research Fellowship to further advance research and treatment associated with women's cancer.


In 1991, she and her husband established the Rhonda Fleming Mann Clinic for Women's Comprehensive Care at UCLA Medical Center. This clinic provides a full range of expert gynecologic and obstetric care to women. Since 1992, she has devoted her time to a second facility at UCLA - the Rhonda Fleming Mann Resource Center for Women with Cancer, which opened in early 1994. This Center is the fulfillment of her vision to create a safe, warm place where women cancer patients and their families might receive the highest quality psychosocial and emotional care as well as assistance with the complex practical problems that arise with cancer. In August 1997, the Center opened "Reflections", a unique retail store and consultation suite that carries wigs, head coverings, breast prostheses and other items to help men, women and children deal with the physical appearance changes brought on by cancer and its treatments. The staffs of the clinic, center and store are guided by her belief that caring, compassion, communication and commitment are essential components of the healing process.


Fleming has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2007, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars was dedicated to her.



Measurements: 37-25-36 (in 1956), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)

She has a son, Kent Lane, two granddaughters, Kimberly and Kelly, and four great-grandchildren, Wagner, Page, Lane and Cole.


Darol Wayne Carlson (2003 - present)

Ted Mann (11 March 1978 - 15 January 2001) (his death)

Hall Bartlett (27 March 1966 - 1972) (divorced)

Lang Jeffries (3 April 1960 - 11 January 1962) (divorced)

Dr. Lew Morrell (11 July 1952 - 1958) (divorced)

Thomas Lane (? - 1948) (divorced) 1 child


Personal Quotes

"What I didn't care for was everything made in those days was black and white, very hard black and white too, there was nothing really pretty about it, even my auburn hair became jet black."


NorthAmericanAviation-July1945.jpg North American Aircraft Ad - July 1945

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