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This Day in WWII 18 September 1939 - 1944


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BendixAviationAd-Sept1943.jpgBendix Aviation Ad - September 1943


1939: The Wehrmacht and Red Army stage a joint parade in Brest Litovsk.


1941: Russians conscript all men aged 16 - 50. Units of Army Group South capture Poltava in the Ukraine. The Russians evacuate Kiev, but the fight to the death continues in the area for a week.


Mary%20Meade1.jpg *Mary Meade


1942: The RAFs Pathfinder Force flies its first mission, which is against Flensburg.


1942: Reduction of food rations for Jews in Germany.


Mary%20Meade2.jpg Mary Meade


1942: In spite of intense pressure from U-boats and the Luftwaffe, convoy PQ-18 reaches Murmansk. Its losses amounted to 1 destroyer, 1 minesweeper and 13 merchant ships. In return for this the Germans lost 3 U-boats sunk and 5 damaged, along with 41 aircraft destroyed.


JarmanShoesAd-Sept1943.jpg Jarman Shoes Ad - September 1943


1942: The Russians launch an offensive on the Voronezh front, 250 miles North west of Stalingrad.


1942: British forces land on the east coast of Madagascar and occupy Tamatave.


Mary%20Meade3.jpg Mary Meade


1944: The U.S. Ninth Army finally takes Brest after a long struggle. The Germans launch heavy counter-attack in Arnhem sector.


1944: Donato Carreta, Mussolini's director of prisons, is hauled from a courtroom in Rome by an angry mob. The crowd beats Carreta and throws him into the Tiber river, chases him down the river in rowboats and beats him to death with oars.


Mary%20Meade4.jpg Mary Meade


*Mary Meade was born in Louisiana on 24 November 1923. Mary Meade was an American film actress of the 1940s. In 1944 she begins her film career as a show girl in the film "Show Business ". Her films included "Assigned to Danger" (1948), "In This Corner" (1948), "T-Men" (1947), "The Thrill of Brazil" (1946) and "Wonder Man" (1945). She entertains GIs in the Philippines and Iwo Jima during WWII.


Mary was known to have dated Joe DiMaggio in 1959. Columnist Walter Winchell reports that "Joe DiMaggio's baby stare was put there by Mary Meade..."

Marries assistant director John Richard Bremerkamp, the ex of actress Marguerite Chapman, in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 29th, 1973.

Mary Meade Bremerkamp died on December 10, 2003 in Apple Valley, California.


ChryslerAd-Sept1944.jpg Chrysler Ad - September 1944

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