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So long Scotty...


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S! Scotty,you'll be sorely missed. "I dinna think the shield'll hold,Captain,but I'll switch over to the ....................................!"

Damn,but I feel old today!

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So long, Scotty!

My own left-handed tribute to the great Chief Engineer:


Chief Engineer Bilko’s voice issued from the intercom with nary a sizzle or pop. “Weapon controls all patched to your console, Captain.”

Stag brought up a ship schematic. “Right, Chief. Are all the systems ready?”

“Gun turrets are locked in place and the missile batteries are erected and on standby. We’ll have the phasers online in a few minutes.” Bilko hesitated for a moment. “Careful with those bloody phasers, Captain. I dinna think the engines’ll stand the load.”

Chuckling, Stag replied, “I’ll remember that, Chief.” He turned to Don'ster. “I think Bilko’s been taking lessons.”

“Lessons? What kind of lessons?”

“Scots burr.” The Captain laughed again as a look of pure confusion crossed the Science Officer’s face. He loved it when the Vulcan didn’t have the faintest idea what was going on.


You can't be a Chief Engineer on a Starfleet vessel without a decent Scots accent, not even in a silly parody.

:thumbsup: to Doohan for a job well done.

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Ach! Scotty!  :(

My favourite Scotty moment was when he got an alien guy drunk on Sarian brandy.

"We did it! Just you and me!"

He will be missed, indeed.


Was a great episode with Scotty going thru the entire alcahol storage on the enterprise and finally digging out his most treasured possion the bottle of Brandy :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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