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Super EF-2000 running too fast on W98 VM

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I've tried that, but it doesn't meet my needs for running a version of EF-2000. As you may know, the gameplay speed is dependent on the framerate which is bad for two things.


One: If your system is too powerful, like my VM, the gameplay is too fast, even at max settings.

Two: Looking at the ground versus looking at the sky in EF-2000 provide two very different framerate ranges which messes up the gameplay experience in tense moments.


My goal is to set a framerate limit for EF-2000 under any platform so the gameplay isn't affected by having too high of a framerate.


I've tried the EF-2000 Reloaded option as you pointed out but there was a problem. Setting a framerate limit with DOSBox screws up the game emulation and doesn't exactly meet my goals. DOSBox does have the option to change the amount of CPU cycles to affect gameplay speed, but it doesn't tackle the issue of problem number two that I mentioned.


So I've tried another option with running the Windows compatible Super EF-2000 in a Windows 98 virtual machine (will not run in modern versions of Windows directly). Of course, even for a VM, it's too fast so I tried to find a graphics software that can limit framerates on programs that are compatible with Windows 98. Tried an old version of RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS), but didn't work because it didn't recognize the VM's graphics adapter.


Unless the only option I have is to adjust the CPU speed, either with DOSBox or the VM, I want to see if there're options before resorting to that method.

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If you can't get it running in Reloaded (since DosBox is designed for use with modern PCs and OSs), you'll have a tough time getting it to work in Windows.  However, take a look at this article on the TAW Wiki.  The last part talks about CPU throttling in SEF2000.  The article is old, so there may be a different set of throttles out there, but the principle is still sound.

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