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This Day in WWII 07-22-1938 - 1944


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cv072240.jpg U.S. Tank Commander

1938: The Third Reich issues special identity cards for Jewish Germans.

1940: Lord Halifax rejects Hitler’s ‘peace proposals'.

1940: The Special Operations Executive (SOE) is created in order to encourage resistance across occupied Europe.

1101400722_400.jpg Prince Konoye

1940: Konoye leads his 2nd Cabinet-policy of "opportunism"-to create new order with Manchukuo and Wang Ching-wei regime in China.

1941: The Luftwaffe launches its first bombing raid on Moscow with 127 aircraft, but achieve minimal results.

1941: German onslaught stopped at Lake Ilmen, south of Novgorod by fatigue and marshes.

1942: The first gas ration coupons are issued in the United States. With a special no-limit X pass for such essential personnel as doctors, policemen, and firemen. Members of Congress, viewing themselves as essential, arrange to obtain the X coupons as well, but public outcry forces them to reconsider.

1942: Auchinleck musters 323 tanks against Rommel’s 92 in the second battle of ‘Kidney’ Ridge, but loses 131 tanks and 2,600 men.

1942: Treblinka concentration camp is opened, which initiates new deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto. The deportation of Belgian Jews to Auschwitz begins.

1943: Patton’s 2nd Armoured Division captures Palermo and surrounds 45,000 Italian troops in western Sicily.

1944: The Russian advance into Baltic States continues with the capture of Panevezys in Lithuania. The Brody Pocket is eliminated by the Russian, who take 17,000 prisoners.

1944: The last organised Japanese resistance on Biak ends.

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