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Should I purchase?


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Howdy folks, first time poster.  I am an experienced real world pilot, no dog fighting though.  I have 5500 hours or so of real flight experience and I am enjoying the minimal WW2 area within DCS World.  It's minimal but enjoyable manipulating controls the real way one would in "real" life approximately.


With that said I watched a good "latest" review of the best flight battle simulations out there.  DCS was tops followed by War Thunder and then IL-2 and then a few others like RoF followed.  I've played War Thunder and while it is fun to keep battling over and over and over on the hardest settings the sim offers I find that over time this is losing its interest for me.  I love to manipulate controls, I like being accountable for cowl flap settings and overheating an engine in a climb etc.  


It seems IL-2 might supply that depth of realism for me...perhaps not, thus my community query.  I appreciate any suggestions you can provide to sway me to purchase the stand alone version vs Steam.  I forgot to mention I am a VR Oculus Rift S user and love the immersion for spotting landings, reference in ground effect, spotting bogeys etc.  Thanks

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Hi swimbody,


I saw your post on the ED forums.  Another VP guy, right?  I was VP-40 out of Whidbey.


The best way to compare IL-2 with DCS is to understand that they are both outstanding for different reasons, and they both scratch completely different itches.  DCS introduces the minutae evident with the clickable cockpit, while iL-2 automates much of the complex engine management by default (though you can enable this with keystrokes).  IL-2 cockpits are not clickable, and some of the systems are abstracted to keystrokes.  Where IL-2 really shines is the WW2 combat experience.  Damage modeling (both human and AI) is well done, whereas the AI damage model is frustrating in DCS (i.e. no disabling of systems over time, but a straight "hit point" model).  Granted, the human damage model in DCS works well, but that makes pounding the AI even more frustrating.  That, and the AI uses a different flight model than the human in DCS, which can make things very frustrating as an AI who has taken hits can still outfly you in the same bird.  IL-2 does not appear to suffer this, or if it does it's to a much lesser degree.


Bottom line: DCS models the warbirds well, IL-2 models the combat experience well.


I don't use VR, but from what I understand, IL-2 Great Battles is amazing in VR.  777 Studios has periodic sales (like ED with DCS), so you should periodically be able to find Battle of Stalingrad or Battle of Moscow for $12 ($16 for the deluxe pack) in the next sale, and Kuban will likely be $25.  At that price point, it's definitely worth trying.

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