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This Day in WWII 30 December 1939 - 1944


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RCAVictorAd-Dec1943.jpgRCA Victor Ad - December 1943


1939: Finnish troops at Suomussalmi, completely destroy the Russian 163rd Infantry Division.


Lila%20Leeds1.jpg *Lila Leeds


1941: The Russian success in the Crimea continues as the Germans make a hurried evacuation of Kerch.


1941: The Congress Party in India supports the British war effort, while Gandhi resigns his leadership in protest.


Lila%20Leeds2.jpg Lila Leeds


1942: The German pocket battleship Lützow, cruiser Admiral Hipper and 6 destroyers leave Altenfjord and head north to intercept convoy JW-51B.


1942: The allies cut Japanese forces in two at Buna.


CocaColaAd-Dec1943.jpg Coca-Cola Ad - December 1943


1943: The Russians report 30-60 mile advances from the Kiev salient along a 180-mile front.


Lila%20Leeds3.jpg Lila Leeds


1944: The Germans launch a heavy attack on the Bastogne corridor in the Ardennes. The British attack on Houffalize is halted by bitter German resistance.


Lila%20Leeds4.jpg Lila Leeds


*Lila Leeds was born Lila Lee Wilkinson on January 28, 1928 in Lola, Kansas. Leeds ran away from home as a teen. She worked as a dancer in St. Louis before moving to Los Angeles. While working as a hatcheck girl at Ciro's, she met and married actor, composer, singer and conductor Jack Little. The marriage was annulled when Leeds discovered that Little was still married. After taking an acting course at the Bliss-Hayden School of Acting, Leeds signed with MGM and began appearing in film roles.


She appeared in a handful of films, though many were uncredited, including "I Love My Husband, But!" (1946), "The Show-Off" (1946), Lady in the Lake (1947), "Green Dolphin Street" (1947), "Always Together" (1947), "April Showers" (1948), "So You Want to Be a Detective" (1948), "Moonrise" (1948), "City Across the River" (1949), "The House Across the Street" (1949).


She gained notoriety for being arrested together with actor Robert Mitchum on charges of marijuana possession in August, 1948. She subsequently spent sixty days in jail. Although she starred in "She Shoulda Said No!" (1949) following her release from prison, her acting career never really recovered from the episode.


Lila%20Leeds5.jpg Lila Leeds


Leeds left California in 1949, moving throughout the Midwest where she worked in nightclubs, married and divorced twice, and began using heroin. She eventually traveled back to Los Angeles in 1966 where she began studying religion and volunteered at local missions.


Cheryl Crane, daughter of Lana Turner, in her autobiography, stated that Leeds was introduced to heroin use while in jail and became a full-blown addict afterwards, and was last heard from working in a drug rehabilitation facility in the mid-1970s.


According to the Social Security Death Index Lila W. Leeds died September 15, 1999. Cause of death unknown.


RCAVictorAd-Dec1944.jpg RCA Victor Ad - December 1944

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