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Available installations of EAW from the Code-Group

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What is your native language?

Spitfire 1as have four guns on each wing.

In 1.2 the bullets fly parallel.

Gun convergence makes the bullets meet, maybe at 300 metres and gives a bigger impact.

Many planes had wing mounted guns, the P47, P51 etc.

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On 1/5/2020 at 3:40 PM, Jel said:

There is a new installation here, for both general use and multiplayer

 UAW160 2020

As usual it is a 7-zip self installer. It will create a "UAW160 Multiplayer 2020" stand-alone folder.


There are 70 planesets to select from 🙂

Hi Jel, I am new to UAW. My setup was 128e. I have some questions.. if you can help me please. 

1. I want default planeset and theatre., standalone , no multiplayer. Most important to play the default campaign  So I launch the UAW exe Switcher?? Which exe should I ran??

If I paly the default campaign ,, which goodies or mods of UAW  apply . I assume that there are a lot generic mods that applies even to the default??

2. How to change hit bubbles in planes . What the numbers mean??  

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