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This Day in WWII 21 January 1940 - 1945


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Consolidated Aircraft Ad - January 1943


1940: Admiralty announce sinking of the Grenville, 8 dead, 73 missing, presumed dead.


1940: The Russian 8th Army launches an attack against the Finnish forces of Group Talvela, without success. The Finnish 9th Division is transferred from Suomussalmi to Kuhmo.


Joyce%20Holden1.jpg *Joyce Holden


1941: Communist newspaper, The Daily Worker is suppressed in Britain.


1941: The US informs the Soviet Union that the "moral embargo" imposed on it after its 1939 attack on Finland no longer applies.


1941: British and Australian forces breach the defenses at Tobruk.


Joyce%20Holden2.jpg Joyce Holden


1942: The Luftwaffe, with 400 aircraft available, begins a series of raids against London and ports in southern England.


1942: Without consulting higher authority, Rommel launches a counter-offensive against the 8th Army. The 21st Panzer Division quickly seizes Mersa Brega, while the 15th Panzer Division advances to Wadi Faregh and swings north towards Agedabia, brushing aside the attempts by the 1st Armoured Division to stop them.


ChesterfieldAd-Jan1944.jpg Chesterfield Cigarette Ad - January 1944


1942: General Joseph W. Stillwell is appointed as Chief of Staff to Chiang Kai-shek.


1942: First Japanese bombing of New Guinea.


Joyce%20Holden3.jpg Joyce Holden


1943: The Combined Chiefs of Staff issue the Casablanca Directive. Its principal aim was to weld RAF and USAAF strategic bomber forces into one mighty air arm able to crush the German industrial, military and economic system. It was also decided that to defer the cross-channel invasion until 1944.


1943: The Russians claim the capture of the Caucasian railway town of Voroshilovskiy and say that 500,000 Germans have been killed and 200,000 captured in the last two months of fighting.


Joyce%20Holden4.jpg Joyce Holden


1944: The largest Luftwaffe raid on Britain for some time, with 90 planes being spotted over Southeast England during the 'Little Blitz'. Mosquito night-fighters equipped with radar account for 129 of the 329 aircraft shot down during the 5 month Little Blitz.


1944: The RAF sends 648 bombers to Magdeburg, but loses 55 for just 4 Luftwaffe fighters.


Joyce%20Holden5.jpg Joyce Holden


1945: Tannenburg is taken by Red Army, but only after the Germans blow up the memorial.


1945: British forces enter Monywa, 60 miles to the West of Mandalay.


Joyce%20Holden6.jpg Joyce Holden


*Joyce Holden was born Jo Ann Heckert in Kansas City, Missouri on September 1, 1930. Joyce made only a handful of films during her brief career. Nonetheless, she starred in several now-cult classic films including "Girls in the Night" (1953; with Glenda Farrell and Harvey Lembeck), "The Werewolf" (1956), and "Terror From the Year 5000" (1958). Holden signed with Universal in 1949 and landed her first film role in the comedy "The Milkman" (1950; with Piper Laurie). Universal press releases in the early 1950s made much of Holden's youth and inability to gain weight.


When her contract with Universal International lapsed in 1953, Joyce Holden's film career floundered. She found work as a model and on television, acting in many anthology programs, such as "The Lux Video Theater" and "General Electric Theater" in the mid 1950s. Holden had a brief first marriage to songwriter Arnold Stanford that proved turbulent, ending with their divorce in November 1955. Her second marriage in 1958 called a halt to her acting career. Holden's last film was the effective 1958 American International horror flick "Terror From the Year 5000", originally released on a double bill with "The Screaming Skull". Following the release of this film, she then retired to concentrate on domestic life and her religion.



Won several beauty contests, including "Miss KTLA-TV" and "Miss Southern California" of 1949.


David P. Mannhalter (5 August 1958 - present)

Arnold Stanford (16 June 1951 - 31 October 1955) (divorced)

First husband, Arnold ("Dok") Stanford, 16 years her senior, was a songwriter. Upon their divorce in 1955, she was awarded half interest in the songs he had written or would write within a year. She has been married over 50 years to her second husband David P. Mannhalter, a real estate broker.

Became a Jehovah's Witness in 1954, and later worked in the organization's main office in Brooklyn.


Consolidated-VulteeAircraftAd-Jan1944.jpConsolidated Vultee Aircraft Ad -January 1944

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