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This Day in WWII 8 February 1941 - 1945

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SanFrancisco-Feb1944.jpgCalifornians Inc. Ad - February 1944


1941: The House of Representatives passes H.R. 1776 (Lend-Lease) by a vote of 260 to 165.


1941: Laval declines Petain's offer of Cabinet seat in the Vichy Government.


Monica%20Lewis1.jpg *Monica Lewis


1941: Force H from Malta bombards Genoa, without hindrance from the Italian Navy or Air force.


1941: The first convoy of the newly formed Afrika Korps under the command of Lieutenant General Rommel leaves Naples for Tripoli in Libya.


Monica%20Lewis2.jpg Monica Lewis


1942: The Soviet North West Front finally cut all land communication for 90,000 troops of the German 2nd and 10th Corps at Demyansk, as the 11th and 1st Shock Armies link up on the river Lovat, about 25 miles to the west of Demyansk.


1942: The Japanese land on the western side of Singapore Island, encountering only minimal resistance.


Monica%20Lewis3.jpg Monica Lewis


1943: The Russians take Kursk and continue their advance.


1943: British-Indian forces led by British General Orde Wingate begin guerrilla operations against Japanese in Burma.


1943: Japanese complete their evacuation of Guadalcanal.


DodgeAd-Feb1944.jpg Dodge Ad - February 1944


1944: The RAF uses a massive 12,000b bomb 'Tall-Boy', in a raid on the Gnôme-et-Rhône works in Limoges.


1944: Plans for invasion of France, Operation 'Overlord' are confirmed.


1944: The Russians capture of Nikopol. The surrounded German forces in the Korsun pocket are invited to surrender by the Russians.


1944: The Australians complete the occupation of the Huon Peninsula in New Guinea.


Monica%20Lewis4.jpg Monica Lewis


1945: UK civilian war casualties up to September 1944 are reported as 57,468 killed and 89,178 injured.


1945: Generalmajor Karl Marthinsen, the head of the State Police is assassinated in his car at Blindernveien, Oslo by the resistance movement, Milorg. The Germans execute 29 Norwegians in retaliation.


Monica%20Lewis5.jpg Monica Lewis


1945: 50,000 British and Canadians troops with 500 tanks and 1,034 guns launch a new offensive into the Reichswald, to the Southeast of Nijmegen.


1945: Konev breaks out of his Oder bridgehead north of Breslau, with six armies.


1945: Paraguay declares war on Germany.


Monica%20Lewis6.jpg Monica Lewis


*Monica Lewis was born May 5, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. She started her career as a radio personality and vocalist in New York City and quickly signed to Decca and later Capitol Records, recording hit renditions of songs like "Autumn Leaves," "People Will Say We're in Love," and "A Tree in the Meadow." Lewis also appeared in the very first episode of "The Ed Sullivan Show", in its initial run as "Toast of the Town". Contracted to MGM, she had a brief film career in the 1950s, starring in a series of ill-received musicals. She had a supporting role in the 1957 Jack Webb movie, "The DI".


For almost two decades, Monica Lewis was a certified pop music and pop culture phenomenon - the rhapsodic vocal essence of the Jazz Age. She was the idealized, wholesomely sexy sound and image of apple-pie America, lending a melodious voice of hope to thousands of U.S. troops through two of the 20th century's greatest wars. She was the magazine cover girl with the mile-wide smile and the ad world's Most Wanted with the million-dollar legs. On the screen, she was Hollywood's top second banana - galvanizing legendary actors with her sass, brass, song and dance while posing a blonde, bodacious threat to Lana Turner. On the airwaves, she was the undisputed Banana Numero Uno, singing her way into TV and radio history as the oh-so-a-peelin' cartoon persona of the venerable Chiquita label.


Monica eagerly volunteered her talent for the war effort, becoming the darling of U.S. servicemen worldwide through the war bond drive, military radio broadcasts and a 1951 USO tour of South Korea with celebrated entertainer Danny Kaye. Back at home she delighted the masses as a chart-topping jukebox chanteuse and Burlington Mills hosiery's "Miss Leg-O-Genic." Glamorous gams aside, she was the advertising world's favorite face: Piel's Light Beer, Camel Cigarettes, and General Electric were among the many major companies which sold their products with Monica's visage. Her 14 years as the tuneful voice of the animated Chiquita Banana icon was as unforgettable as it was unprecedented.



Lewis was married to film producer Jennings Lang from 1956 through his death in 1996, with whom she had three children. Her marriage to Lang afforded her a number of supporting roles and cameos in disaster films of the 1970s, including roles in the Lang-produced disaster films, "Earthquake" (1974), "Airport '77" (1977), "Rollercoaster" (1977) and "The Concorde: Airport '79" (1979). Monica Lewis died of natural causes at the age of 93 on June 12, 2015 at her home in Woodland Hills, California.


DodgeAd-Feb1945.jpg Dodge Ad - February 1945

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Don't come to San Francisco NOW

...or you'll be wading knee deep through human faeces.


At least that's what I'm hearing these days.

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