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Homemade Rudder Pedals (help)


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Hello. I'm new to these boards so please be gentle with me. :D

I am trying to make a set of rudder pedals from a set of old racing pedals. My problem is I'm unsure of the wiring to make the pedals axis work with my flight stick. I have used home made rudder pedals before but never in windows XP and I can't seem to get the pedals to operate correctly. They do work but when they are plugged in, my throttle on my joystick no longer works. My "hat switch" now becomes my throttle. Push the hat switch up and I get full throttle, to the right I get 2/3 power, down I get 1/3 power.

Is there anyway to get it so my throttle is once again my throttle? Pedals do work fine as left and right rudder but I need a throttle.


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Welcome! Don't worry this forum is pretty mature you won't get flamed for questions.

Sounds like you have a conflict with the stick obviously. Is this a single axis for your rudder peddals? Is it a USB or game port connection? If it USB I'd have a poke around in the control panel>game controllers area and see if I can remap them or get them to be recognized properly. If it is a game port then I bet you have some pin wiring in the wrong place. I have a schematic for what pins go to what some place but I'm not at my computer right now. Might be tomorrow before I can post it.

Stag, you know that one you sent me? I bet that would help him out if you still have it.

A final thing to check might be your driver for your stick if it uses a seperate one, they sometimes let you set them up for advanced configs and it might interfere with another axis. Maybe uninstall it and reinstall it with the rudder.

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Thanks for the reply Baltar!

I know I can buy a new stick with rudder control built right in but I want the foot pedal feel/effect.

I have a older Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital. It works flawlessly in Windows XP until I plug in the rudder pedals. I like the feel of my old stick so I would like to keep it and not have to buy new.

-The pedals work as a single axis.

-The stick and pedals are plugged into the game port connection.

- Drivers are good, XP has Logitech drivers included.

When I configure my controller I have to make a custom controller in the joystick control panel. I select flight stick with 4 axis and 4 buttons since that is max allowed. I would like to be able to use more of my joystick buttons along with my "hat switch".

A wiring schematic would be great, it would be nice to see if I do have a wiring conflict.

Thanks again!

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Hi there Borske, welcome to the madhouse. :D

I don't know how high or low tech you want to go but if you want to be pretty much a luddite there's this webpage I found:

Low Tech Homemade Rudder Pedals

I don't think it could get any lower tech than that unless you used the transmission engage pedal from a Model T. Also I noticed it tells which wires need to be activated for a soundcard gameport, and gameport was what you were looking for.

Here's another one, did look too closely at it but it looks like a good solution at first glance.

Another Setup

Hope those help somehow. Also like Baltar said I'm pretty sure Staggers has a wiring scheme for pedals that he posted before, I'm sure he could be persuaded to post it again.

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Welcome Borske.

Here's a diagram I found useful when I was reconfiguring some thrustmaster pedals I have:


I lost its place of origin when one of my hard drives took a dive. Pity, because there were a couple of other setups which I thought useful.

Post '98 operating systems don't like game port connections much, so your problem may not be hardware-related. my suggestion is you get a gameport-USB converter. they can be got from Tandy, Maplins, or Radio Shack (depending on your location) then you should be able to map the rudder axis ingame. :)

Edit; reading over your post again, the problem is that the axis is taking the place if one of the axis on your main stick. In theory, it is possible to change the order of your controllers within Win2k/XP, in practice, I've never been able to do it.

Best thing to do is again re-map within the game.

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