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P-40 mayhem IL-2 sturmovik Great Battles!


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Just got the P-40 been flying it abit. Seems to me the 50 cals do great work against bombers like the he-111. Does anyone know if the P-40 ever had cannon fitted to it?

I find it easier to hit targets with 50cals. I think that’s due to the immense amount of tracer, makes it way easier to walk fire on to target.

Also Im finding more targets are getting set on fire!
The landing gear seem stout aswell no problems landing on dirt roads.



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8 hours ago, il2crashesnfails said:



ok thanks!

some people are saying the p-40 was heavy and adding cannon would add to this problem

I do not know the reasons, but I did read that cannons were considered for the P-40, but never actually tried.

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