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This Day in WWII 2 March 1940 - 1945


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BelmontRadioAd-March1944.jpgBelmont Radio Ad - March 1944


1940: British India liner Domala bombed in English Channel, killing 100 people.


1941: The RAF launches a heavy raid against Cologne.


1941: Germany Twelfth Army moves into Bulgaria. Great Britain breaks off diplomatic relations with Bulgaria.


Nan%20Wynn1.jpg *Nan Wynn


1942: Churchill declares that the Tirpitz is 'the most important naval vessel in the situation today' and believes her destruction would 'profoundly affect the course of the war'.


1942: General Wavell reassumes post as C-in-C India and Burma. Burma is now cut off from the Southwest Pacific.


1942: The Dutch take supreme command of all allied forces in Southwest Pacific.


Nan%20Wynn2.jpg Nan Wynn


1943: The center of Berlin is bombed by the RAF. Some 900 tons of bombs are dropped in a half hour.


1943: Germans begin a withdrawal from Tunisia, Africa.


1943: The Battle of the Bismarck Sea opens Northeast of New Guinea. A Japanese convoy is attacked by USAAF B25 bombers, which sink 12 ships.


Nan%20Wynn3.jpg Nan Wynn


1945: The RAF launches a heavy attack (300 bombers) against Mannheim, causing a devastating firestorm.


1945: Armored spearheads of the US Ninth Army reach the Rhine near Neuss. The U.S. Third Army captures Trier on the Moselle.


1945: After 14 days of fierce fighting, the 503rd Regimental Combat Team - the "Rock Force" - raised the American Flag in the presence of General MacArthur at the Topside Barracks on Corregidor in the Philippines.


Nan%20Wynn4.jpg Nan Wynn


*Nan Wynn was an American big-band singer and actress. Born on May 8, 1915 in Wheeling, West Virginia, Wynn recorded with many well-known orchestras, including those of Teddy Wilson, Freddie Rich, Raymond Scott and Hal Kemp. Wynn appeared in many films, usually as a nightclub singer, with a starring role opposite William Lundigan in the 1941 film a "Shot in the Dark" (1941), as well as appearances in other such films as "Million Dollar Baby" (1941), "Princess O'Rourke" (1943) and "Intrigue" (1947). Wynn is perhaps best-known for dubbing Rita Hayworth's singing voice in several of her films, including "My Gal Sal" (1942) and "You Were Never Lovelier" (1942). She appeared in Billy Rose's 1944 Broadway musical production the "Seven Lively Arts". Wynn married producer, writer, and director Cy Howard, but the marriage ended in divorce. They had one daughter, Jaime. Wynn died of cancer on March 21, 1971 in Santa Monica, California, aged 55.



WesternCartidgeCoAd-March1944.jpg Western Cartridge Company Ad - March 1944

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