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If there was only one channel and there are two now it's understandable why newer VR goggles don't work. I never owned one myself. 


Btw the VFX1 emulation for TrackIR works great for me. The lack of 6DoF makes it even working better, that's my subjective feeling. I mapped the VR cockpit view on a HOTAS button for rapid access.


The only thing I noticed is that my Track IR often becomes hot and shuts down when playing EF2000. I haven't noticed this with DCS World or BMS. It seems the hardware has problems when the VR cockpit isn't engaged for extended periods. Might be that it is looking for some feedback or so and runs hot when it receives none. Dunno whether that's viable, but I have no other explaination for this behaviour.

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6 hours ago, Scorpion82 said:

Hello Neph,


I suppose you always have those double images or do they appear as one?


WEll this was done with Dosculus.. in VR you always need two images then when you look through the headset the 2 images look like one.. I was not able to get it working on the headset but it showed up on the monitor like that..


I beleive if we where able to get that working on a modern VR Headset it would be in 3D but to get it working on modern VR Headsets is the trick.. but it looked hopefull with Dosculus..

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I've looked into this a bit and downloaded the Dosculus source and managed to compile and run it to get the double image on the monitor. I've also got the OpenVR example code to compile and run on my Vive. So, I was hoping to combine the two in some way.

Both these use SDL, but OpenVR looks somewhat more complicated than the Rift DK1 that Dosculus was written around. I'll look at it some more if/when we get told to stay at home.






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