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This Day in WWII 07-31-1940 - 1945


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cv073144.jpg Russia's General's

1940: Hitler appraised the Army plan for the invasion of Britain at a conference of his top Military chiefs. The Navy criticize the plan for being on a too broad a front, requiring 2,500 barges in order to transport the invading forces, which cant be concentrated before the 15th of September at the earliest. The Army refute these arguments, saying that too narrow a front would allow the British to concentrate what forces they posses.

1940: Hitler formally announces to his military commanders that he has decided to invade Russia.

1941: During July, 501 British civilians died in air raids.

1941: Army Group North, which is slowly advancing toward Leningrad, reaches Lake Ilmen, to the south of Novgorod. However, its troops are very fatigued due to the marshes and heavily wooded terrain.

1941: The U.S. Army establishes the Military Police Corps.

1941: Joseph Terboven declares a state of emergency in Norway.

1941: Göring instructs Heydrich to prepare for Final Solution.

1942: Heavy RAF night raid on Düsseldorf.

1942: The German advance into the Northern Caucasus continues.

1944: The British VIII Corps begins 'Operation Bluecoat', an assault towards the river Vire. The U.S. 4th Armoured Division captures Avranches, having advanced 35 miles and taken 20,000 prisoners since the 25th July.

1944: The last Japanese counter-attack on Tinian is annihilated. U.S. forces make further landings on the North West coast of Dutch New Guinea and begin a jungle push from Aitape.

1944: The Soviet army takes Kovno, the capital of Lithuania.

1945: The French collaboration trials have so far resulted in 1,629 death sentences, 757 hard labour for life, 5,328 other hard labour, 1,136 solitary confinement, 11,073 prison sentences, 22,137 to suffer national degradation and 3,564 acquitted.

1945: A British midget submarine attack on Singapore sinks the Japanese heavy cruiser Takao.

1101440731_400.jpg Marshal Novikov

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