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How to change hit bubbles in planes . What the numbers mean??

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I mean with UAW 160 plane editor damage model numbers. Realistic gunnery does not make a difference in 1.60


The reason is this:



Targeting, Hitting and Collision: (Started with v1.28)
There is an issue with actually hitting another planes wings, fuselage, or the pilot etc...with bullets now. The only location on a plane to hit, seems to be the engines of the enemy planes. Also collision seems impossible when passing through another plane. This is brought up a lot when new pilots play the un-official Code-Groups v1.28 and up, including the newer UAW versions of 1.6x. This is primary a concern that comes from players of the stock EAW game where hitting the plane at different locations is possible.

The actual problem seems to be that the hit bubbles of the planes hit locations have been incorrectly reduced or possibly removed, except for what appears to be hit bubbles for the engines. They apparently never fixed this , or know how to??. The hit bubbles where manipulated like this to accommodate the newer gun convergence that was added just before. It defaults so bullets from your guns cross at to about 300meters in front of the plane, however this distance can be adjusted in the eaw.ini file if you want. The convergence made it so easy to take down a plane using stock hit bubbles a plane I take it, that those bubbles where changed by the CodeGroup programmer back then in the year 2008 or so.)



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