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Off topic - No F-5 or F-20 sims


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Usually, in other sims we get the low then high tier equipment.


TOCA and Gran Turismo start with low powered then high powered cars


SWAT4 gives you new stuff after a few missions


What's weird is that no flight sim has this system


DCS could've used Gran Turismo's License system to allow you to participate in higher rated combats or for match making


Total Air war would've benefit a lot more since it's more about the battle field than the flight itself; If you've done enough AG training, you can go from an A-4 and F-5 to something like an A-10 or F-18. That would leave the F-22 away from AG missions which it doesn't perform quite well; A-10 gets the better durability, fuel consumption and most important of all, doesn't handle like a stone with penguin wings when fully load at low and medium altitudes.


It's also a shame since Total Air War and Air Dominance Fighter where released quite near to Gran Turismo's popularity and didn't copy that idea. It's even better than the ambiguous campaign scoring system.


And now the real pilots here are thinking players shouldn't be allowed to fly other than the Cesna 172 for 15 minutes if they landed on the wrong runway as a penalty. 

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