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TAW 2.0 not work with vjoy


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Somehow, TAW won't work with vjoy. I have a X-56 Rhino Stick and Throttle. I'm trying to merge the Throttle and Stick into one device with vjoy. Everytime when I start the game after choosing a mission I receive this message: "Failed to set DirectInput AutoCenter Property Unknown error"

When disabling vjoy, everything works fine but the throttle is not recognize as an axis.


What does it mean? 

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Thanks for your reply.


Unfortunately not. This post is about the Game Controller orders, which is for me already in the right order: vjoy as first, then joystick, throttle and at least rudder.

I just want to know what the error message mean, so i can nail down the issue correctly.


Any ideas?

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If I search for that exact error message, I just get a result that links back to this forum so I guess that message comes from TAW rather than Windows or VJoy.


According to this:


..you can add -autocenter 0 when starting VJoy from the command line to disable autocenter. Maybe that helps.

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