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Damn,but we're naive!


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I dunno Stans, the whole resistance thing in WWII was really hit or miss. Two countries, in particuliar, are really proud of their resistance movements those being the Yugoslavians and the French. The Yugoslavians can be proud, they were the only "underground" movement (although once you have tanks I dunno if you really count as an underground movement anymore...) that liberated themselves from the Germans without any direct outside help.

The others of course are the French which remind everyone everytime a WWII anniversary comes up about how important the resistance was. The thing that the French neglect to mention was at their height, a couple of months after D-Day, there were 30,000 French Resistance fighters. This was out of a population of 30 million people, so that's 1% of them were fighting against the Germans? So what were the rest of them doing? Trying to figure out how to make a beret look fashionable with lederhosen...

The place that had the most partisans was the USSR, and they did cause problems for the Germans, but they also caused problems with each other at the same time because you had nationalist partisans (Ukrainians mostly but a lot of Baltics as well) fighting the Germans and the Soviets both, sometimes at the same time, hell sometimes they went to war with the next village just because they held a grudge from 1420 or something. Plus there was the fact that in '44-'45 not insignificant percentages of German army divisions in Russia were locally recruited. Nevermind the famous/infamous Waffen-SS legions, the regular army got to the point they'd take anyone that could hold a rifle and didn't like the Soviets, which meant lots of non-Russian "Soviet Nationals" or old anti-Communist Russian sorts in their units.

So I wouldn't put a whole lot of faith in the resistance movements being that integral a part of Germany's defeat in WWII. The Yugoslavians yeah, the Russian Front ones caused as many problems for the Soviets as they did for the Germans when taken as a whole, and the French...well ask them and everyone over the age of 60 living in France now (yeah you read that age right ;)) was in the Resistance and everyone else's dads, grandmas, and great uncles three times removed was in the Resistance, so what can ya do?


As for the article itself...no comment. At least not here. ;)

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