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Morning y'all, rain has stopped, cloudy skies, but the sun is trying to burn through the clouds.  According to the weather app on my iPhone, we had 2.9 inches of rain.  I put an empty mason jar on my deck early yesterday and this morning there is 3 inches of water in it.  Currently we have 97% humidity and it is 66F.  Expecting a chance of a scattered shower or two today, but partly cloudy this afternoon and a high of 75F. 


Power was out for about and hour and a half early this morning.  Don't know why, but it was out.  Smoke detector went off at 03:00.  Don't know why, but these First Alert 120 VAC with battery back up detectors have earned a reputation for randomly going off for no reason.  The ones made 20 years ago seemed to be of much better quality than the ones made in the past 10 years or so.  Mine are only 2 years old and they replaced a pair that failed after 5 years of use.  The previous detectors failed after 10 years, which is their stated warranty period.  Think I might just switch to battery powered only, that way when one fails they don't all start sounding off.

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Bwahahaha!  Ve kept Herr Dumzter off line fvor ein veek und now ve kept Herr Ztainz avake lazt nicht und made him zpend hiz money.   Bwahahaha!!!


Heil Emperor!  Heil Emperor!


Zhat ist korvekt, heil Emperor.  Mein time vorkink vizhin zhe dumkopf Tvrump'z adminiztrazion haz endedt und Ich kan now kome out und admit mein kontinuedt loyalt to zhe Emperor!  Zhe Emperor did ein mazterfvul tjob embeddink me deep vizhin zhe Tvrump adminiztrazion.  Ich gainedt mutch intellidjenze durink zhis operazion und now zhat intellidjenze vill be uzedt to elekt Kamala Harriz.  Schee vill do zhe Emperor'z biddink und vill zerve him vell.


Heil Emperor!

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