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Falcon 4 Allide Forces :duel sqaudron


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Hi there i though you all might want to check us out as we are now looking for any Falcon AF pilots who are looking for a comunity were thay can hook up through our forum and MSN to get flying.

we fly most nights and if you jump on our Team Speak server you can always find one of us to talk too, we are a well known Multi Wing sqaudron mainly made up of members that fly LockOn, but we have made a brave move to start a new wing and bring the two comunities together as there are proberbly loads of you out there that are still waiting to enjoy this flight sim online.

If you are interested then visit our web site at

www.vvs504.co.uk (follow the link to the fourm and register, then navigate too the Falcon AF threads and post to tell us about yourself.

Alternatively you can contact me at Blade@vvs504.co.uk

I hope that many of you enjoy looking around the forum and finding out about our sqaudron life.

(504)Blade -CO- 504th TFW sec :thumbsup:

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