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Babe for AirBadger! Post #100!


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Yes 100 posts there are. It seems only yesterday I arrived at Combatsim, all keen like with my nose and ears twitching. Laying out my gift of bananas (and other assorted fruit I can spell) at the feet of the forum gods and asking for advice on a patch for B17: The Mighty Eighth.

Advice was of course forthcoming as it has been on many occasions since, whether I find myself soaring through the clouds, skulking in the depths, or most recently pulling out my trusty friend Mr Pointy, to indulge in a little “swords n sandals” action with the mighty Battle Apes of Guild Wars.

All this and also I get to shake my quill at the unsuspecting public in Combatsims article pages, proving just what is possible despite being expelled from school aged six for eating my English teachers poodle. Then being driven to far away woods by my parents and thrown out of the car in the forest in the middle of the night. Where the poor child, cold and stumbling was bitten by a radioactive Badger!

And now… <sniff> the accolade of the “Babe.” <Sniff> it gets ya…. Right here.

Ok, let’s have a look at her then……..

Urk! She looks like she might have a go at James Bond with one of those knives in a shoe thingies. I'm not sure whether to say thankyou..Or to run away!

Having taken advice I have now decided to say thankyou...and run away!


<Runs away>


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