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Anyone remember flight sims created with Domark's Flight Sim Toolkit?

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A long while ago I found a shareware/demo version of a DOS WWII flight sim called Great Air Battles: 1941-1942, which stated that it was created with Domark Software's Flight Sim Toolkit (FST). I took note of that but could not find much relevant info online. Recently, after I stumbled upon another FST game, Wings of Thunder, I decided to do more thorough research and discovered that back in the 90s, there was a very active community that produced various flight sims, some shareware and some freeware, with FST. Domark/Simis released several updates that introduced many improvements both to the tool set and the programme itself, including the switch to hi-res 640x480 SVGA/VESA modes from the default 320x200. Sometime around 1997, the source code was released to the community as well, with the intent of producing a native Windows version (which is now available here). The original version of FST was also available as a free download from Kuju (formerly Simis) website in the 2000s.


The community was apparently not very large, centred around this site: http://www.mcnett.org/fst/ It is still accessible via the Wayback Machine, but in rather piecemeal state of preservation, with many files missing or being only incomplete copies. And most mirrors of the same contents were located at various FTP sites that have now disappeared completely.


For a useful reference, and to get the basic idea of the scale and number of these projects, here is a Wayback Machine copy of an FST sim catalogue that was maintained by Adrian E. Brown (categories are on the top of the page):



A different user started a topic at VOGONS forums, which was soon joined by a veteran of the FST community.


Regrettably, at this point, not a lot of the above have been found. All sims play fine in DOSBox. Here's the list:


a. Complete games by Ron Walker/Ground Zero Simulations (all free, all Wayback Machine links work):

  • Skyhawk Attack
  • Tornado Squadron
  • Harrier Strike
  • Jaguar GR1: Strike Force Delta Zulu
  • Eurofigher 2010

b. Shareware games by Raymond Purvis/Viper Software (mostly original ZIP archives from various sources):

  • Aces of World War One: acesww1.zip
  • Battle of Britain: bob.zip (this is a repack, not the original ZIP)
  • Battle of the Midway - not found, file name MIDWAY.ZIP
  • Berlin 1955: berlin10.zip
  • Cyborg Invasion - not found, file name CYBORG.ZIP
  • Eurofighter 2005: ef2005.zip
  • F-16 Operation Black Diamond: bdiamon1.zip
  • F-86 MiG Mayhem Pacific Ocean - not found, file name MAHEM.ZIP
  • Falklands Air War 1982 - not found, file name unknown
  • Korean Air War - not found, file name KOREA.ZIP
  • Private Pilot: ppilt145.zip
  • Reno Racing 2000 - not found, file name RENO.ZIP
  • Vietnam Flight Simulator: vietnam.zip

c. Simulations by Luca Oleastri (D.U.O.):

d. Simulations by Jose Sanchez:

e. Simulations by Daniel Berlin:

f. Simulations by Kevin Kwan/Minerva Interactive:

g. Simulations by various authors:

If anyone has further information on FST sims, or any copies of games not listed above, please feel free to share!

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I didn't do much with flight sims between F15 Strike Eagle III in about 1993 and F22 ADF in 1997 and completely missed the FST era it seems.

That Vogons thread you link to is great! A pity I can't help with any useful info... :(

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