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Breaking Every Rule In the Book ...

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Your previous video had many annotations – That’s Las Vegas in the distance, We’ll pick the right runway, Here’s crosswind, etc. They made it accessible to non-DCS players like me, and I’m missing them. I find myself thinking What’s that beep?, I’m sure you’re doing it wrong, but how is it supposed to be done right?, Is this normal?, and so on. Of course I could just ask those things here :D but still that makes it less fun to watch compared to the last one.



Not meaning to complain, though. I did watch and enjoy it, after all! :)


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Looked good to me. You didn't run over any of those guys, so I'm not sure what rules you thought you were breaking. :)


Your PC specs are slightly better than mine, but it all looks wonderfully smooth.

Are there situations in DCS where your frame rate drops even with a machine like that?

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Cheers Mike. As for the machine, no not really. I keep frame rate locked at 60 for my screen and Track IR and that’s perfect for me ... I actually underclock the 3090 by 5 per cent I guess for longevity ... at 4K it would be doing around 120fps with occasion drops to 80.

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