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DCS World - New Clouds in 2.7

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A quick and dirty video showing off the new clouds in 2.7. All i can say is that they are amazing - several presets for a variety of conditions and zero FPS hit in fact performance seems much smoother in this patch than 2.5.6. Amazing work by the developers.



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Maybe I should fire up DCS again, but I fear that the 980Ti on my Steam PC means I'm never going to see anything as good as your videos.


Does having that PC performance also help shortening the 'Desktop to Cockpit' time? which is my pet peeve about all modern games.



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Thank you!


Yes have to confess this is an amazing system - has to last me five years!


The new clouds are remarkably unfussy when it comes to hardware....you might have to turn down from “ultra” on my video to say standard but they will still be very good. They have done a superb job with implementation.


Desktop to cockpit is very quick...30 seconds maybe for an “instant action” flight.

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