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I don’t mean to complain, but DCS’s clouds always look too blurry to me. I’d prefer more crisp sprites.


The people at Eagle Dynamics are no dummies, though. My educated guess is them having problems with the size of their sprite set – make the sprites more crisp any you’ll spot the repetition. But then again, you cannot spot repitition here even though it is one single sprite, just slightly rotated and with adjusted contrast: http://krishty.com/taw/tfxplorer/2015-03-10 contrail.png
I don’t know.


The next clouds I program will be based on actual fractals in the pixel shader. The whole sprite thing was just because we didn’t have access to the U/V derivatives in pixel shaders until ca. 2010, and now it’s stuck.


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Interesting! I remember when we implemented clouds in the alpha Falcon: Allied Force they were just billboards - but felt totally amazing at the time. Cannot wait to see how the weather systems will be implemented this year / next year in DCS. What setting do you run the clouds on? They seem detailed to me on ultra but perhaps they could be crisper! I’ll try not to look too deeply!

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@Krycztij part of it may be the data compression on the pics and in the videos, but you have to see the clouds in DCS to believe them.  I didn't believe the hype train either until I actually did tanking in a Tomcat near a cloud layer.  After I finished tanking I did some cloud surfing and ooh boy! 😲

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