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Joy to you, friends.


Our day begins with clear skies, a temperature of 18C and 87% relative humidity.  The weather machine is in perfect working order and Lord Helmet has decided to do something different today.  Our forecast tells us that we will have sunshine this morning, this afternoon will be partly cloudy with winds of 16 km/h from the west southwest and a high temperature of 32C.   There will be a 20% chance of a late afternoon or evening thunderstorm.  Tonight we will see mostly cloudy skies, a low of 20C and more showers and thunderstorms before dawn.


Peace and joy to you, friends.

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Morning all. 47F under clear skies. Today will be a cooler one when compared to yesterday. Look for north wind to occasionally gust over 20 mph with lingering clouds around this morning. Those clouds will likely thin out somewhat through the day, allowing for a return to highs around 60 in many areas. High of 61F.

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13 hours ago, cobraj said:

Evening all, day 2 in the books. Reality setting in. Not liking this new company.

Vou zhould embraze und tjoin vizh zhe Emperor's New Vorld Order.  Zhings vill go mutch bezzer fvor vou.  Juzt looken at Doktor Stanz vho ist mutch happier az ein member ofv zhe New Vorld Order.  Bekommen vone ofv uz und it vill be bezzer fvor vou.


Heil Emperor!

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