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F22 ADF Two AIMX in same time


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Are these externally or internally stored AIM9X? I think there was some difference in how they were fired, but don't remember the details.

Also, are you using a joystick trigger or the spacebar to fire?

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3 hours ago, huik said:

I thought it was a parameter managing the number of missiles. But I searched in the F22 manual and I didn't find how to do it.


Use the System MFD as described on page 86 of the manual. The five buttons at the bottom of that MFD are used to cycle the firing mode and inc/dec the weapon quantity (ripple and salvo) and delay (ripple only). Your screenshot shows that the single firing mode is selected. If there are still two missiles fired with a single trigger event, your input device may errorneously be configured to generate two impulses. Maybe you have errorneously mapped "space bar" twice to your joystick trigger?

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Thank you for your help
In the MFD System I changed the number of shots but it did not change anything
I used the space bar instead of the trigger and it works! 😃
I reinstalled my joystick driver but it doesn't change anything (I use JoytoKey to configure my joystick)

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