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How to configure original midi music in F-22 ADF/TAW on old HW

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Hello there!


If you are fans and owner of legacy HW like I'm, here's my steps how to play original midi music in DID F-22 ADF/TAW without crash to desktop what is typical symptom if you install game with MIDI music on.



1. install game from original ISO/CD under 32 bit Windows XP or Windows 9x (95,98,ME)


2. In Control Panel in Sounds and Sound Devices you need to choose on Default device for play MIDI music (where's usually by default MIDI of concreate sound card which you installed like for example: Sound Blaster 16) Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth. Don't forget to confirm change.


Note: if you keep MIDI of Sound Blaster or any other Realtek onboard sound card, game will not start and it will crash to desktop and it will create error log on C:\ where you can read message about trying to start MIDI track.


3. Run game and wait in selection profile pilot until will not play MIDI music, approximately 1-2 minutes until you will not hear first music motive (tones) of MIDI track. It's really important to be patient! Now you can safety continue and play the game without crash to desktop!


Note: unfortunately in F-22 TAW you can't decrease MIDI volume, doesn't matter what you setup in OS or game setup, MIDI music will be keep on the same level.

Note: fortunately in F-22 ADF you can decrease MIDI volume in game setup and it will works!


Source? My own experiments and tests on cottage in Beskydy mountains during July 2020 summer vacation. Tested on HW: AMD Athlon 64 on socket 939/754 with SB Live 5+1!, SB Audigi! and others legacy sound cards.


Original source articles in Czech language here:




Legacy HW means :) :





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