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This Day in WWII 13 July 1940 - 1945


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GeneralMotorsAd-July1944.jpgGeneral Motors Ad - July 1944



1940: Hitler issues Directive No. 15 outlining the details of 'Operation Sea Lion', the German invasion of the British Isles. In advance of the landings, the Luftwaffe is to begin operations against British defensive positions, airfields and radar installations along the southern coast of England on the 15th August 15 with 2.600 aircraft having been earmarked for this purpose. Hitler declines an Italian offer to participate in the invasion of Britain.


1940: Italians attack British garrison at Moyale in Abyssinia.


Lyn%20&%20Lee%20Wilde%20-%20YANK-1945.jp*The Wilde Twins - Aug. 3, 1945 Issue of "Yank, the Army Weekly"



1941: Troops of Army Group North continue their advance from Pskov toward Luga, 75 miles from Leningrad.


1942: President Roosevelt orders the establishment of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), with Colonel Donovan as director.


Lyn%20&%20Lee%20Wilde2.jpgLyn & Lee Wilde


1942: Hitler switches forces from Army Group B's drive against Stalingrad, to Army Group A in the Donets Basin, as he was convinced that strong Russian forces were still west of the river Don and was determined to trap them in the Rostov area. This move reduced Army Group B to that of flank protection for Army Group A.


GeneralMotors-July1945.jpgGeneral Motors Ad - July 1945


1943: Despite the maximum efforts by the German forces to break through the Soviet defenses at Kursk, no further gains can be made, so Hitler orders the suspension of Operation 'Citadel' and orders the transfer of various divisions to the West. The outcome of this battle represents a tremendous victory for the Red Army and ends hopes of any major German offensive operations on the Eastern front in the future.


Lyn%20&%20Lee%20Wilde3.jpgLyn & Lee Wilde



1943: The British advance into Sicily continues with the capture of Augusta and Ragusa.


1943: The Japanese sink the US destroyer Gwin and severely damage three cruisers for loss of cruiser Jintsu in Kula Gulf.


Lyn%20&%20Lee%20Wilde4.jpgLyn & Lee Wilde



1944: A Junkers 88, equipped with secret SN-2 radar, lands by mistake on am RAF airfield in Suffolk.


1944: The Russians announce the capture of Vilna and continue their advance into eastern Galicia.


1945: Chifley is elected leader of Labour Party and becomes Prime Minister of Australia.


Lyn%20&%20Lee%20Wilde5.jpgLyn & Lee Wilde



**Lee and Lyn Wilde, sometimes billed as The Wilde Twins were twin sisters, who appeared in films of the early to mid 1940s. Marion Lee and Mary Lyn Wilde were born in in East St. Louis, Illinois, Lee is the older of the two, born shortly before midnight of October 10, 1922, with Lyn born in the early hours of the following morning.


The began singing with their siblings in church, and by their teens were singing hymns for their local radio station, as well as performing in Illinois and Kentucky. By 1940 they were band singers, and in 1942 they made their film debuts, as vocalists for the Charlie Barnett Band, performing one song in the Harriet Hilliard film "Juke Box Jenny" (1942). Further live performances led to another featured film appearance in the Judy Garland film "Presenting Lily Mars" in 1942. Joe Pasternak was impressed by them and signed them to a seven year contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. They played small roles in "Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble" (1944), followed by "Twice Blessed" (1945), a film written specifically for them to introduce them to a wider audience.


Lyn%20&%20Lee%20Wilde6.jpgLyn & Lee Wilde



The sisters appeared in nine films together until 1949, and Lyn briefly continued her film career, and appeared in a further six films until 1953. They married brothers, Jim and Tom Cathcart, and focused their attentions on family life, rather than continuing in show business, but they retained a love of music. In 1989 they recorded a reunion album titled "Back to Together Once Again" and continued to perform occasionally into the 1990s. Lee died on September 7, 2015 at the age of 92. Lyn died on September 11, 2016 at the age of 93.


MobilOil-July1945.jpgMobiloil Ad - July 1945


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