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This Day in WWII 09-02-1939 - 1945


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1101400902_400.jpg Earl of Athlone

1939: Hitler indicates to the Britain and France that he would withdraw from Poland provided that he was allowed to retain Danzig and the Polish Corridor. This was dismissed and a joint ultimatum was given to Germany to withdraw her troops from Poland within twelve hours or find herself at war with Britain and France.

1939: National Service Act passed in Britain.

1939: Sweden issues a declaration of neutrality. German Ministers at Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway, give a declaration that Germany would respect the integrity of Sweden and Norway.

1939: The Luftwaffe raids Warsaw. German troops capture the Jablunka pass in the Tatra mountains. Fighting continued for the strategic island of Westerplatte at the mouth of the Vistula River. A massive attack was launched by 60 Stuka dive bombers of the II and III Stukageschwader Immelmann directed at crushing the island garrison. The air assault was not directly followed up by a German attack from the ground and the Poles were able to reorganise their defences. German aircraft bomb railway station at Kolo, killing 111 refugees.

1939: The Germans start construction of Stutthof concentration camp in which 65,000 Polish Christians will ultimately perish.

1940: Air attacks continue on London.

1941: RAF daylight raids on Occupied Europe miss only 19 days in August and September.

1941: General Sir Claude Auchinleck issues his first directive in respect to the forthcoming British Offensive, 'Operation Crusader', by ordering General Sir Alan Cunningham to produce a plan for the relief of Tobruk and the re-conquest of Cyrenaica.

1943: A special order of the day from Stalin announces the Russian victories on Voronezh, Bryansk, Donets and Sea of Azov fronts.

1944: The launching of V1's from France ceases.

1944: The allies cross into Belgium.

1944: The Germans begin to evacuate the Aegean Islands.

990902_big.gif (Read NY Times Article)

1945: The formal Japanese surrender takes place aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

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