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So who is still here interested in flying TAW?

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I must ask this question cause browsing the profiles of the posters here I see that Mike and Krycztij are the only stalwarts here. So where are all others?  Bailed already out a while ago?  Is is because other things are more shiny? Or is it because TAW is the 1st Date and 1st Love, but now has aged?


Ah yes time waits for no man ... and game. 

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It's subsets all the way down...


Of the probably millions of current TAW players, only a certain proportion of them are going to post on old-fashioned internet forums, and even less on this forum in particular. :)

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🤣Good one mikew


Haven't flown TAW since using my new machine 3 years ago. It's also a question of time for me. As I pŕefer the EF2000 it would certainly be more attractive to me if it could be ported to the TAW environment, but that's probably difficult to achieve, if not impossible.

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I have personally met several opinions that new hardware or OS is an obstacle to fly and play old games and simulations. While it might be perhaps true in some situations, I have yet not encountered yet and all my oldies I run on win 10 64bit and modestly current computer. All it takes IMHO is some fiddling with either Glide or D3D wrappers  and usually all works without any hiccup or hitch. In fact I find modern computing and processing power truly a blessing highly appreciated for those old titles, which at the old days,  were sometimes too demanding on the hardware  and were not providing good FPS or gameplay experience as the modern stuff now does. 


Although be as it may, my question @Scorpion82is what elements of gameplay experience shift the balance of preference and liking towards EF2000? I played this title in the past too and possibly missed something because quite frankly I find TAW quite superior  mostly in all of the aspects. 


As far as free time availability that is sure something to be reckoned with and can be a problem and obstacle to enjoy more old stuff when there is so much other nice things around. 






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Would this Community be open to the idea of trying to make the Red Sea theater in the new venue like let us say ...BMS ? and move and retain everything what is familiar and good from TAW including F22 of course.

I know, and realize  that this would not be the same because of the UI and interface with all those great goodies from Campaign and War Room , etc. etc. Besides it would have to be "some rather hefty" project as the size of RS theater is equal what id called 2048 theater and not just single 1024. 4x more work!  Then there is that complexity factor, and other things of course which make TAW so fundamentally elegant and great! 


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That doesn't interest me since we'd just effectively be playing F4.

Years ago, in the Free Falcon era, somebody made an F22 mod which was an amazing technical achievement. It still had the underlying F16 flight model and avionics though, and you played as part of the 'serious' F4 world.

For me, the great thing about TAW is that you play it any way you want. It's not really about the F22 itself or the Red Sea theatre but being part of a campaign where you can ignore the generated missions if you want and play as an 'army of one' with modified CAPs.
Also, the AWACS missions are great, and unusual in flight sims.
It's also fun making up my own games like seeing how few bullets I can use to shoot down 40 747s in a guns only custom combat mission.
Then we have the ADF scripted missions, which are sometimes more like 'fun' puzzles than raw combat.


The last thing I want is anything too realistic or too serious.


I'm not that familiar with BMS though. Is the source code freely available now?

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Yes, I am talking from the position of active BMS developer.


Everything is available in BMS not only source code but possibility to design own advanced flight model and avionics. Of course models and textures etc. etc. And the terrain I am suggesting to switch to is not what is currently on the table. But you are right, I see the benefit of the transfer only in making F22 available to broader masses in this new environment. Complexity may increase, certain character and charm may cease to be and mostly for a year or two there will be not much but hard work in new development and implementation. I know from my past encounter with you Guys that you are not casual users, but diligent and brilliant "tweakers" of the code and game's features and  mechanics. 


Again, I am saying all this and suggesting those "new horizons" in assumption that possibility of improving core TAW simulation has reached some limits and people just are not enthusiastic or motivated anymore. It is hard for me to envision what the future is going to be for TAW and would like to preserve that greatness somehow.  


I most probable am wrong and please treat this suggestion as not some "highjack" attempt but rather as revealing a possibility of continuation having fun in the different sandbox.      

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