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This Day in WWII 24 October 1938 - 1945


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StudebakerAd-October1943.jpgStudebaker Ad - October 1943



1938: In a move that increases tensions between the United States and Japan, the USS President Coolidge is forced to unload nearly $3 million worth of gold and silver before it is allowed to leave the Japanese controlled port of Shanghai.


Elyse%20Knox1.jpg*Elyse Knox


1940: British Summer Time to be continued throughout winter.

1940: Hitler meets Petain at Montoire, which leads 'to agreement in principle of collaboration', but Petain rejects the idea of a Franco-German military alliance.


Elyse%20Knox2-Yank.jpgElyse Knox - YANK Pin Up Girl October 20th, 1944 Issue


1941: Army Group South takes Kharkov and Belgorod.




1942: U-boat control in France creates wolfpack 'Battleaxe'. This will operate in the North Atlantic until it is disbanded on the 1st November 1942 and will include at one time or another U-134, U-203, U-409, U-509, U-510, U-572, U-604 and U-659.

1942: The land battle begins in earnest around Henderson Field, with the elite Japanese 2nd Division being wiped out.


StudebakerAd-October1944.jpgStudebaker Ad - October 1944


1943: An E-boat attack on a convoy off the Norfolk coast result in four E-boats being sunk and one British trawler.

1943: The Red Army achieves a breakthrough on the Dnieper river and captures Melitopol.


Elyse%20Knox4.jpgElyse Knox


1944: The aircraft carrier USS Princeton is sunk by a single Japanese plane during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.


Elyse%20Knox5.jpgElyse Knox


1945: Vidkun Quisling, Norway's wartime minister president, is executed by firing squad for collaboration with the Nazis.

1945: The United Nations formally comes into being with twenty-nine ratifications having been received.


Elyse%20Knox6.jpgElyse Knox


*Born Elsie Lillian Kornbrath to Frederick and Elizabeth Kornbrath on December 14, 1917 in Hartford, Connecticut, she is not the daughter of U.S. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, despite many modern sources suggesting she is. She studied at the Traphagen School of Fashion in Manhattan then embarked on a career in fashion design. Her good looks enabled her to model some of her own creations for Vogue magazine that led to a contract offer from Twentieth Century Fox film studio in 1937.

Knox performed mainly in minor or secondary roles until 1942 when she had a leading role with Lon Chaney, Jr. in "The Mummy's Tomb", one of the series of Mummy horror films made by Universal Studios. Knox appeared as herself in the Universal Studios 1944 production "Follow the Boys," one of the World War II morale-booster films made for both the soldiers serving overseas as well as civilians at home. Knox also was a pin up girl during the War, appearing in such magazines as YANK, a weekly put out by the United States Military.


Elyse%20Knox7.jpgElyse Knox



In late 1945, she was signed by Monogram Pictures to portray Anne Howe, the love interest of fictional boxer Joe Palooka in "Joe Palooka, Champ". Based on the very popular comic strip, the instant success of the May 1946 film led to Elyse Knox appearing in another five Joe Palooka productions. After acting in thirty-nine films, Elyse Knox retired in 1949 following her performance in the musical film "There's a Girl in My Heart".

Knox continued to do modeling work for print ads and while appearing on the Bing Crosby radio show she met football star Tom Harmon. They became engaged, but broke up when Harmon entered the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1942. That year, Knox married fashion photographer Paul Hesse, who had shot many of her print ads and magazine covers. The marriage was brief. Following her divorce and Tom Harmon's return from World War II (during which he survived two plane crashes and being lost in the jungle), she and Harmon married in 1944. Knox's wedding dress was made from silk from the parachute Harmon used when bailing out of his crippled plane. The couple remained together until his death in 1990. They had three children, Kristin (b.1945), an actress and painter who at seventeen married recording artist Ricky Nelson and had Tracy, twins Gunnar and Matthew, and son Sam; Kelly (b. 1948), who modeled and also acted in film and television (TJ Hooker) and was once married to automaker John DeLorean; and Mark (b.1951), film and television actor who starred in films such as "The Presidio" and the current TV show "NCIS".


Elyse Knox died on February 16, 2012 at her home in Los Angeles at age 94.


Measurements: 34D-24-35

Brown - light eyes and Blonde hair.

She it the Mother-in-law of actress Pam Dawber.

Besides being married to a football star, Tom Harmon, her brother, Ron Knox, played quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and her son, Mark Harmon, was a star quarterback at UCLA.


StudebakerAd-October1945.jpgStudebaker Ad - October 1945


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