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This Day in WWII 25 October 1939 - 1944


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RCAVictorAd-October1943.jpgRCA Victor Ad - October 1943



1939: U-boats sink four more British ships.


Diana%20Lewis1.jpg*Diana Lewis



1942: Germans capture two more streets in Stalingrad with severe losses. The last German offensive in the Caucasus begins.


1942: Montgomery switches the attack to the North. Rommel breaks off his sick leave to take charge of the critical situation in which the axis forces now find themselves.


Diana%20Lewis2-Yank.jpgDiana Lewis - YANK Pin-up Girl - 4 Aug 1944 "Down Under Edition"


1943: The Japanese open the infamous Burma to Siam railway, which was built with forced British and commonwealth POW labor.


Diana%20Lewis3.jpgDiana Lewis


1944: Russians troops take the German base of Kirkenes in Norway.


Diana%20Lewis4.jpgDiana Lewis



1944: The Red Army completes its capture of Transylvania in northwestern Romania.


1944: The Japanese are defeated in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the world's largest sea engagement. From this point on, the depleted Japanese Navy increasingly resorts to the suicidal attacks of Kamikaze fighters. By the end of the war, Japan will have sent an estimated 2,257 aircraft. "The only weapon I feared in the war," Adm. Halsey will say later.


Diana%20Lewis5.jpgDiana Lewis



*Diana Lewis was born on September 18, 1919 in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Lewis began her film career in "All the King's Horses" (1934) and worked steadily over the next few years, usually in minor roles. Her more notable films include "It's a Gift" (1934), "Gold Diggers in Paris" (1938), "Go West" (1940) and "Johnny Eager" (1942). She was the love interest of Andy Hardy as Daphne Fowler in "Andy Hardy Meets Debutante" (1940).


She met the actor William Powell in 1940, married after a courtship of three weeks and retired from acting in 1943. The couple remained together until Powell's death in 1984.


Lewis was an active supporter of women's golf and the LPGA. The LPGA's William and Mousie Powell Award is named in honor of the Powells.


Lewis died from pancreatic cancer on January 18, 1997 in Rancho Mirage, California, aged 77, and was interred at Cathedral City's Desert Memorial Park in Riverside County, California, alongside Powell, and her stepson, William David Powell.



Height: 5' 1/2" (1.56 m)

Nickname: Mousie

Sister of actress Maxine Lewis and composer J.C. Lewis.

William Powell and Diana knew each other for only a few weeks when they eloped. He had previously been married to Carole Lombard and engaged to Jean Harlow at the time of her sudden death.

Diana's best friend was Carole Landis. Diana gave Carole a gold cross in 1938 that she wore for the rest of her life, and was buried wearing.


RCAVictorAd-October1944.jpgRCA Victor Ad - October 1944


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