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This Day in WWII 14 November 1940 - 1944


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3MAd-Nov1942.jpg3M Ad "Scotch Tape" - November 1942



1940: The Luftwaffe launches 449 bombers in a heavy night attack against the major manufacturing city of Coventry, dropping around 400 tons of bombs causing severe damage to industrial and civilian installations. The city centre is badly damaged, with 21 factories being destroyed and the cathedral wrecked but for its spire. The raid kills or injures 1,419 people and makes thousands homeless. A new word is created in both the English and German languages, 'Coventrate' and 'Coventrieren', meaning the physical and psychological destruction of a city. (MORE INFO)


Helen%20Talbot1.jpg*Helen Talbot


1942: U.S. and Japanese warships clash again off Guadalcanal resulting in the sinking of the U.S. Cruiser JUNEAU and the deaths of the five Sullivan brothers.(MORE INFO)


Helen%20Talbot2-Yank.jpgHelen Talbot - YANK Magazine October 27, 1944


1944: De Lattre launches an attack in the snow near the Swiss border, to take Belfort. The U.S. 95th infantry Division begins to capture the Metz forts. The British begins their attack on Maas in central Holland.


Helen%20Talbot3.jpgHelen Talbot



*Helen Talbot was born Helen Darling in Concordia, Kansas, on April 7, 1924. She was adopted by the Smith family in 1937 and lived with them until 1941, when she left to live with her brother Dan Darling's family, a milkman in West Los Angeles, and the Smiths moved to Rochester, New York. She attended Emerson Jr. High in Westwood Village, California and University High School in West Los Angeles, CA 1936-1941. Actress Faith Damerque (Kelli Garner) was in the same class and lived across the street from them on S. Carmelina Avenue in Brentwood. She was discovered by fashion designer Don Loper. She began her screen career as a Goldwyn Girl in a small role in the 1944 film "Up in Arms" with Danny Kaye. She soon signed a contract with Republic Studios, where she was featured in numerous westerns alongside such cowboy stars as Don 'Red' Barry, Roy Rogers, and Allan 'Rocky' Lane. Her other film credits include "The Lady and the Monster" (1944) and "Faces in the Fog" (1944).


She had toured the South Pacific with a USO troupe, including Don "Red" Barry, with whom she was co-starring in Republic westerns.


Helen%20Talbot4.jpgHelen Talbot



Actress Helen Talbot appeared in over two dozen films and serials in the mid-1940s. She starred as Joyce Kingston, who faced constant peril in the 1945 Republic 12-chapter serial "Federal Operator 99" -- where she was nearly cremated in an incinerator and helplessly placed in front of a whirling airplane propeller -- and in three above-average B-Westerns opposite offscreen boyfriend Donald "Red" Barry. The lovely blonde actress played Marion Brennan in 1946's "King of the Forest Rangers", helping Larry Thompson (as Forest Ranger Steve King) thwart an evil plot to steal an ancient treasure. Helen Talbot was the girl on the conveyor belt in chapter nine of the 1946 serial "King of the Forest Rangers". Bound and gagged and the very picture of a damsel-in-distress, 1940s style, the girl is helplessly headed for the whirling maw of a huge paper-shredder but audiences had to wait a whole week to learn whether she would manage to extricate herself. She retired from the screen after her marriage in 1945.


Helen married Richard M. "Dick" Hearn, a UniHi classmate and returning Navy fighter pilot veteran, in 1945; they moved to South Bend, Indiana where he attended Notre Dame University and earned his degree in Corporate Law before returning to West Los Angeles. They had one daughter before Dick died about 1965. In 1969 Helen married Larry Bailey, owner of a bakery in Northridge, CA. Larry died about 1980. Talbot died in La Jolla, California, on January 28, 2010, at age 85.


3M-ScotchTapeAd-Nov1943.jpg3M "Scotch Tape" Ad - November 1943


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