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This Day in WWII 13 January 1941 - 1945


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WestinghouseAd-Jan1943.jpgWestinghouse Ad - January 1943



1941: The Luftwaffe launches a heavy attack against Plymouth.


1941: Hitler demands that Bulgaria joins the Tripartite pact, but the Bulgarians play for time.


Wende%20Wagner1.jpg*Wende Wagner



1942: Germans begin a U-boat offensive along east coast of USA.


1942: The allied conference in London pledges to punish axis war criminals after victory.


1942: A Japanese attack just to the east of Mount Natib, begins to pose a threat to the left flank of the US-Filipino 2nd Corps.


Wende%20Wagner2.jpgWende Wagner



1943: The call-up for single girls in Britain is lowered to 19.


1943: General Leclerc's Free French forces merge with the British under Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery in Libya.


Wende%20Wagner3.jpgWende Wagner as Sally (Apache girl) in "Rio Conchos" (1964)



1944: Plants are destroyed and 64 U.S. aircraft are lost in an air attack in Germany.


1944: The Chinese strengthen their position in the Hukawng Valley in northern Burma.


ChapstickAd-Jan1943.jpgChap Stick Ad - January 1943



1945: The Jørstad Bridge is blown up by the Norwegian resistance, killing 70 Germans.


1945: The U.S. First Army attack the Germans between Stavelot and Malmady.


1945: German forces of Army Group E complete their withdrawal from Greece and Albania.


Wende%20Wagner4.jpgWende Wagner as Lenore 'Casey' Case with Van Williams as "The Green Hornet" (1967)



1945: Zhukov's 1st Belorussian Front begins an offensive toward Pillkallen in East Prussia, against which their is stiff resistance from the Third Panzer Army.


1945: The British make further gains in central Burma and are now only 30 miles from Mandalay.


Wende%20Wagner5.jpgWende Wagner



*Beautiful, vibrant-looking 60s actress Wende Wagner (her real name) was born on December 6, 1941 in New London, Connecticut. Of French, German and Native American heritage, her exotic looks would later serve her well on TV and in motion pictures. She inherited her athletic genes from her parents; her father was a former Olympic swimming/diving coach turned Naval Commander and her mother was a champion downhill skier.


The sweet-looking beauty entered the entertainment arena as a model and made her TV debut in 1959 on the "Wagon Train" (1957) western series. Very much a free spirit, she was more interested in surfing and traveling around the world than a career. She combined both passions when she earned work as an underwater female stunt double for Lloyd Bridges on his hit series "Sea Hunt" (1958) as well as the TV series "The Aquanauts" (1960), which took her to ideal tropical settings. She also stunted for such movies as "September Storm" (1960) co-starring Joanne Dru and Mark Stevens.


On that movie set, she met and subsequently married fellow stunt diver Courtney Brown (he was Mr. Stevens' double in that film), who coached her in underwater shooting. They had a daughter, Tiffany. During this time, they based their lives in the Bahamas where most of their shooting occurred. They divorced, however, after a short time and she returned to Hollywood where she won the role of an Apache girl in the movie "Rio Conchos" (1964) with Richard Boone, Anthony Franciosa and Stuart Whitman. A few years later, she married actor James Mitchum, Robert Mitchum's eldest son, but they too split. Wende's career continued in the 60s with a couple of movies and a role in the "The Green Hornet" (1966) TV adventure series but she eventually dropped out of sight. Little was heard from her until reports of her death from cancer on February 26, 1997 (aged 55) in Santa Monica, California.



Measurements: 36-22-35 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)


James Mitchum (1967 - 18 December 1978) (divorced) 1 child

Courtney Brown (1960 - 1963) (divorced) 1 child


EthylCorporationAd-Jan1945.jpgEthyl Corporation Ad - January 1945


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