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This Day in WWII 09-20-1939 - 1944


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1101430920_400.jpg Bob Hope

1939: German troops in eastern Poland withdraw to the line agreed upon in the German-Soviet treaty. The Red Army moves in behind them to occupy the formerly Russian territory. Polish troops at Grodno manage to kill 800 Red Army soldiers and destroy ten tanks, whilst defending the city.

1939: Prime Minister Chamberlain claims that at least 6 U-boats have been sunk in first fortnight of the war.

1942: Paulus declares that the 6th Army need substantial reinforcements if it is to continues its assault in Stalingrad. Paulus and von Weichs were also very concerned about their flank defence which consisted of Italian, Hungarian and Romanian troops. However, Hitler was determined to capture Stalingrad before reorganising the flanks.

1943: The British 8th Army occupies Bari in southern Italy. The allies also bomb Venice.

1943: Army Group South begins its withdrawal to the Melitopol-Zaporozhe line.

1944: British armoured forces of XXX Corps link up with U.S. paratroops at Nijmegen, capturing the bridge intact.

1944: A British tank breakout attempt through the Gothic Line is defeated by the tenacious defence.

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