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Now Vhot shall ich do

Edwin Rommel

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Hari-Kiri? Lonin could show you how!  :lol:


In you case Rommel since you not Samurai, take one of you german grenade with a long handles. Find a quiet peace fill spot. contemplates you transgression. Focus on you sense of redeem honors. Now very quick beat you self to death over head with stick grenade several time.


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Herr Ronin??

Here you juzt hold zhiz--

Now let me juzt sekure it to dein handz mit zhiz here ducked tapez to make zhure you do not advertently droppen it...


Now go in zhiz blazt proof room... Guut....

Now juzt holden out zhe handzez...

Ich am goink to remove zhiz pin here...

You vhill zhee zhum schmoke commink from it, but do not vhorry-- zhat iz juzt zhe acid eatink trough zhe trigger vhire...

It vhont lazt long...

Meanvhile ich vhile go out unt lock zhe door behind me..

Zho long-- not too long!!


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Rommel still here? Rommel you suppose take off you hat when hit you on this head for Hari kari effectiveness! This was bad technique ! Keep try sometime if take a while!

Lizzen up arschole.... ein Pruzzian soldier nimmer takez uf hiz hat... Zhat iz vhy vhe haf zhat scharp schpike on top... zho zhat vhe remember not to beat ourzelvez on zhe head...


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