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I have been trying to use the full mission builder and do not understand it completely. I am not a full time sim head and know very little about computer set up. I have had good success at the quick mission mode .

1st It says that I have to use a mission already saved to my disc , what disc and how do you save it or is it one of my quick missions that it is refering to

2nd Are thier any downloads that anyone would recommend that would help in this or other things in IL2


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Hiya :)

Over at the Il2 forums, there is a Mission Builder's Forum, that has several tutorials on how to get the most out the of FMB

Using the FMB can be very counter-intuitive, or at least it originally was for me

In regards to your questions, it is the drive you installed the sim onto. Whenever you want to play a mission from the FMB, it must be saved, because the sim has to load all elements before you play any mission

It sounds harder than it really is; you click 'save' and choose a directory from the tree provided. Quick missions are saved seperately from the FMB, don't worry about mixing up QMB and FMB missions when using the FMB

There are several downloads that are utilities for the sim, as well as the tutorials I have mentioned

here is a link to the "General discussion" forum for Il2 and Il2:Forgotten battles:


This link is to perhaps the greatest single list of links that are useful for the Il2 player:


Here is a link to the Mission Builder's Forum (which can also be linked to via the General Discussion forum page, along with the other Il2 forums)


Particularly in the Mission Builder's Forum, there are many very knowledgable and helpful members, primarily bird_brain, Extreme_One (if he's around, that is, he is making rare appearances nowadays unfortunately), Plumps, Flying_Nutcase...and others, too. Over there, I'm "Chuck_Older", and I'll be glad to help if I can

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