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This Day in WWII 12-29-1939 - 1943


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cv122941.jpg Aerial gunner

1939: Finnish forces launch a successful counter attack to the North of Lake Ladoga.

991229_big.gif(Read NY Times Article)


1940: The Luftwaffe launches a major incendiary raid against London, destroying or badly damaging a number of historic buildings.

1940: In a radio broadcast Roosevelt tells Americans: "We must be the great arsenal of the democracy."

1941: Soviet troops make an amphibious landing at Feodosiya on the south coast of the Crimea in order to relive pressure against Sevastopol and hopefully clear the Germans from the Crimea.

1942: The British cruisers HMS Jamaica and HMS Sheffield join convoy JW-51B south of Bear Island as its makes the dangerous passage through the Barents Sea.

lilcoltownsend.jpg Colleen Townsend

1943: The Eighth 2,000-ton air raid is flown against Berlin by the RAF on the third anniversary of the fire bombing of London.

1943: US Marines secure Cape Gloucester airfield on New Britain.

1101411229_400.jpg General MacArthur

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