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This Day in WWII 12-30-1939 - 1944


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cv123040.jpg British in Egypt

1939: Finnish troops at Suomussalmi, completely destroy the Russian 163rd Infantry Division.

1941: The Russian success in the Crimea continues as the Germans make a hurried evacuation of Kerch.

1941: The Congress Party in India supports the British war effort, while Gandhi resigns his leadership in protest.

1942: The German pocket battleship Lützow, cruiser Admiral Hipper and 6 destroyers leave Altenfjord and head north to intercept convoy JW-51B.

1942: The allies cut Japanese forces in two at Buna.

lilingrid2.jpg Ingrid Bergman

1943: The Russians report 30-60 mile advances from the Kiev salient along a 180-mile front.

1944: The Germans launch a heavy attack on the Bastogne corridor in the Ardennes. The British attack on Houffalize is halted by bitter German resistance.

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