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At the risk of introducing total anarchy


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Hi lads,

Well, I guess you guys don't play around with the "My Controls" section of this board much.

You might be interested to know that I, yes I the Forum Feuhrer, am allowing you, via my omnipotent forum powers, the ability to change your "member title" to whatever the hell you please.

Confused? Good. Muhuhuhuhahaha....ha! :D

Seriously, and this is where the anarchy comes in. You don't have to be a First Lieutenant or a Maj. General. You can go into My Controls -> Personal Profile -> Edit Profile info and give yourself whatever witty, silly, inane, foolish, whimsical title you wish to have.

See. Total anarchy will now ensue in 3, 2, 1 ....

Run for your lives!

Now, if any of you who laboured so long for the higher ranks feel this is some sort of betrayal by me, then, for a reasonable sum of cash, I will turn that feature off, or at least reserve it for those who have attained, oh, say, 15,000 posts (yes, I have the power to do even THAT! Muhuhuh [cough, cough, splutter] ha!

I just thought it'd be fun to see what you wackos can come up with for titles.

On one final serious not. If you create a title that I find offensive, I will ask you via the PM system to change it.


Party on!

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