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This Day in WWII 01-09-1940 - 1945


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1940: German bombers sink three merchantmen in North Sea.

1941: The Avro Manchester III makes its first flight equipped with four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines in place of the two Rolls-Royce Vultures used on earlier marks. Ordered into production as the Lancaster, it becomes possibly the most famous RAF bomber of all time, after bearing the brunt of the Bomber Command offensive in Europe.

1942: Japanese troops launch an attack against the eastern side of the Santa Rosa-Natib defence line on Bataan, making some gains, although US-Filipino counter-attacks forces them back to their start-line.

1943: Soviet planes drop leaflets on the surrounded Germans in Stalingrad requesting their surrender with humane terms. The Germans refuse.

1943: Italian destroyer Corsaro sank off the coast of Tunisia after hitting a mine.

1944: Countess Ciano escapes to Switzerland and is interned.

1944: British troops capture Maungdaw in Burma.

1945: The U.S. Third Army counter-attacks towards Houffalize, on the southern side of the Ardennes salient.

1945: British troops enter Thebes, to the Northwest of Athens.

1945: U.S. troops land at Lingayen Gulf on Luzon. 100,000 men are ashore in a single day, which is the largest Pacific operation so far.

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