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Some useful information--not a joke.


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NOT A JOKE --------------

Subject: Alternative to bypass surgery

A friend in California received this treatment .... it was very successful.

Medicare is reported to pay for treatments so must not be considered experimental?

Friend in Beaumont is having surgery tomorrow .... guess that is what got me thinking about it.


The term EECP refers to Enhanced External Counterpulsation. This procedure is a non-invasive, outpatient treatment that can relieve or eliminate angina. EECP treatment appears to stimulate the opening of new, natural pathways around narrowed or blocked arteries. After EECP treatment, you may find that:

You can walk farther, carry heavier packages, and be more active without having angina

You have fewer attacks of angina

Your episodes of angina are less intense

You need less anti-anginal medication

You can return to work, go out to dinner, garden, travel, or enjoy golf, tennis, or bowling once again

You no longer restrict your social life, volunteer activities, or exercise because you are worried that they will cause angina.


Your doctor or health-care provider will evaluate you to determine if you may be eligible to receive EECP treatment. You may be a candidate for EECP treatment if:

You have angina

Nitroglycerin does not provide adequate relief from your angina

You have been told that you are not a candidate for bypass surgery or angioplasty

You underwent bypass surgery or angioplasty in the past, and angina has returned

You want to explore all treatment options.

Some people may not be candidates for EECP treatment because of their medical conditions. Only a physician can make a decision regarding whether or not you are a candidate for EECP treatment.


Once you are eligible to receive EECP treatment, it is important that you understand the treatment schedule. Each treatment session lasts for exactly one-hour and will be scheduled for the same time each day. The sessions are scheduled consecutively, five days-a-week (M-F), for at total of 35 sessions or 7 weeks.

At the EECP center, your therapist will explain each step to you as you go through treatment. You will be a given a pair of stretch pants to wear to each session. The therapist will wrap a set of inflatable cuffs around your calves, thighs, and buttocks. You are likely to feel a sensation of strong “hug” moving upwards from your calves to thighs to buttocks during inflation followed by the rapid release of pressure on deflation. Inflation and deflation are electronically synchronized with your heartbeat using the ECG signal.


Clinical studies indicate that EECP treatment may create a “natural bypass” around narrowed or blocked portions of arteries. These channels or collaterals may eventually become permanent pathways for blood to reach heart muscle that was previously deprived of adequate nourishment.

For more information, visit the NaturalBypass site

Contact Information

Phone: (210) 615-8863

Fax: (210) 615-7406

South Texas Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

4330 Medical Drive, Suite 175

San Antonio, TX 78229

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Interesting Whizkid. Hope I never need it. However, heart disease runs in Lottie's dads side of the family. All male members died in their 40's from it. She keeps close tabs on it, regular checkups and all...but you never know when it will bite you.

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