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Found another pic of dog-sabre babe......


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ok, here is one id been hunting diligently for a while, and finally found a print i could scan........man, I cant believe how unorganized Ive become in my old age.

And here is also one that I may have posted one of before, but the first one i just scanned for inclusion in one of my portfolio books. I figured you guys wouldnt be too offended by my posting them....not like its Barbara Striesand or something.


Heres one i just got finished putting a different background to in photoshop....different one of course, shes a bit older, but I still wouldnt run her off on a cold night.


And i thnk I posted this once before at the end of a thread, but i dont think any1 saw it. I figured I wouldnt get court martialled for posting it here again. Keeps a little consistency in the presentation. Well, photography is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Beats mine sweeping with your boots.

I hope I have contributed to the community's intellectual stimulation.......


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