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This Day in WWII 01-18-1942 - 1945


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cv011843.jpg Rita Hayworth

1942: The Red Army cuts the main supply route for the German 2nd and 10th Corps at Demyansk near Lake Ilmen, forcing the Luftwaffe to begin flying in supplies. Field Marshal von Bock takes over command of Army Group South from Field Marshal von Reichenau who died of a heart attack. The Soviet South West Front launches an offensive across the river Donets, to the South of Kharkov in an attempt to cut of all German forces north of the Sea of Azov. German troops of 11th Army recapture Feodosiya and seal off the Soviet bridgehead at Kerch in the Crimea.

1942: German-Japanese-Italian military agreement signed in Berlin.

1943: A wartime ban on the sale of pre-sliced bread in the United States - aimed at reducing bakeries' demand for metal replacement parts - went into effect.

1943: The Russians break through the German stranglehold on Leningrad to relieve the city from the East. In the Caucasus, the Russian advance continues. Cherkessk is captured by the Red Army, who are now less than 250 miles south east of Rostov.

1943: First resistance by Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.

1943: The Germans counter attack in Tunisia. They gain ground against the Free French, but are repulsed by British forces.

1943: Australian troops capture Cape Killerton and Wye Point in Papua, New Guinea.

1944: German forces of Army Group Centre repel repeated Red Army attacks in the area of Vitebsk.

1945: British Empire casualties to November 1944 are announced as 282,162 killed, 80,580 missing, 386,374 wounded and 294,438 captured.

1945: German troops evacuate Kracow. A German offensive begins from Lake Balaton, with the aim of lifting the Red Army's siege of Budapest.

1945: Nazis evacuate 66,000 inmates from Auschwitz back into Germany.

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