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Here's the specs on the new Big Rig


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Here's what I'm getting:

MB: Gigabyte K8N-PRO-SLI-939-NF4-ATX

CPU: Athlon 64 3700+

HD: Western Digital 2000JS SATA II 200Gb 7200rpm/8 MB cache

Vid: EVGA 6600LE 256MB PCI-Expressx16

Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Z2

Power: Super Talent 550W

CD: Sony DWQ 30A 16X16 Dual Double DVD-RW

Mem: Corsair Value 1GB

OS: XP-Home

Case: ATX Standard

All the parts should be here this time next week. :thumbsup:

So the current Big Rig will become the new Little Rig and this new one will become the New Big Rig.

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The only thing I'm nervious about is the vid card. The 6600LE is a bit light, even though it's a 256MB card. But I figure between the 3700 chip and the SLI on the MB, I should pick up some of the performance that is missing using the LE.

Anything higher in the vid card selection would have put me over budget.

I read some interesting reviews of the 3700 chip over at NewEgg. Lot of folks there are overclocking them and saying the temp increase is less then what you would think. Mulling that (OC'ing) over right now. :unsure:

My techie was telling me that he has a friend the OC'd a Pent 2.4 to 4.?, burnt out the chip and Intel replaced it for free :blink:

Somehow I don't think AMD would be quite as forgiving :rofl:

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Color me majorly jealous.

If I had the cale to cobble together a new rig, the specs would be similar, if not


Hopefully, later in the spring/summer. 

Best of luck with the new rig, it looks like a great gamer...



Be prepared to get real jealous, then Spec.........

The cost is within $50 of what we came up with for Doug!!!!!!!!!!!! :rofl:

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Sweet ride, Mane :thumbsup:

I will be most interested in your first-hand experience with this setup. Should serve as an excellent benchmark for all the lads here when we get the cashish to buy our own.


Yea, well, I gotta you to thank Doug.

You see I had been saving for a new Big Rig since just about a year ago when I finished pit #2 and it's PC. But it was when we were looking for your upgrade parts and we came across the Gigabyte MB that really got my mental juices going. Finding a SLI MB at that price floored me. So, me and the Techie spent a couple of hours talking with his suppliers. This was followed by reasoned, well argued request to Upper Management, and after acceding to her demands, was able to secure a portion of this year's projected Tax Refund for the final bit of financing.

I also had to promise that this would the final, last, never-to-be-upgraded-again thingmie on these Pits. I, of course, swore a solemn oath to that effect. (Said oath being, as all married males know, subject to later review by the oath-taker. )

So now I hear you cry, :wtf: is SLI? ( :rofl: )

Simply put, SLI enables the simultaneous use of two matching graphics cards for one display(the driver divides the image data between the two cards).

So not only do you increase frame rates in games that run at high resolution (can you say "PF"?), you can also apply high anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering and thus see a huge increase in picture quality as well.

Ok, now notice the parts list.....only ONE vid card listed.

As I say...........subject to later review by the oath-taker. :rofl::rofl::thumbsup:

(On Edit: 2 6800GTs is where I'm headed, Stans)

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You might be able to go with a pair of low end 7800's or one high end 7800, depending upon when you upgrade to SLI. I'm still not convinced that SLI will be the wave of the future. Card manufacturers are starting to bring single card, dual GPU cards to the market.

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You'll be happy with the 6600 Mane. I put one in the rig I built last year coupled with a 3.2 gig pentium processor and a gig of ram. It ran IL2 flawlessly. I used it to host our flying sessions and then gave it to my sister in law last month. She needed a new pc and it was just gathering dust sitting beside my desk.

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Started collecting bits for my own Next-Gen rig. Managed to find a pair of 6800 Ultras (PCI-e) at the right price.

The wishlist for the rest:

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MoBo

Mushkin PC4000 DDR 500Mhz RAM

Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego core

Maxtor 300GB SATA 150 HD

Hyper type R Modular PSU 580w

Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum

Collermaster RC533 Ammo 533 case

I reckon about 3 months to get it all together, after which I don't think I'll need to upgrade for a while, Which is just as well; I'm not sure the marriage would survive it. :unsure:

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Rule One: Figure out how you're going to pay for it, before ya buy it

Wives like to know ya got a plan :thumbsup:

Only 1 question on your list:

Asus MB, I've heard tell that their MBs aren't as reliable as before. Got a link to a good review of this beast?

A suggestion, if I might:

Why not go for a "plain jane" case (ATX Standard)? It will cost less and you can always drill holes and use spray paint if have a mind to.


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Although after coming across the review of the Premium at Tom's Hardware, I wonder if that would be the way to go instead. I assumed that SLI compatability was something which NVIDIA's drivers handled themselves; this appears not to be the case though, and many titles just plain do not have SLI compatability enabled. Bugger. I already bought the Graphics cards. but the ability to switch between dual and single mode will be less painful with the Premium MoBo than the Deluxe.


As for the case; I like it, and compared to the cost of the kit that's going into it, the price is almost (I do say almost) irrelevant. This rig's going to have to last a long time, I want to get it right, and I finally should be able to get maybe 20 FPS with PF in Perfect mode. :D

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Haven't I said that I don't know if SLI will be here for the long haul? And graphics card designers are now coming up with dual GPU, single card designs, basically, single card SLI. A single high end 7800 card will eat a dual 6800's lunch. And I think there are some quad SLI boards available, but why? Might be good for animation artists, but not the sort of thing the home user needs.

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New Big Rig is up and running............. :anim_bounce:

PF looks great at "Perfect". It's a hellva lot easier to see ground objects. Flew a test mission over the Kuban sector last night. The mission was simular to one one the VMF-124 missions (bunch of tanks and AAA at a road junction). I could make out the road, the trees near the road and the tanks all from about 4-5000 ft.

One thing I did notice, though............no smoke columns from the tanks I hit. :unsure:

Then I flew a QM over the "Pacific Islands". This was a photo op mission to get some screen grabs for the desktop wallpaper. The water looked fantastic and the shadows of the cloulds on the surface looked completely real. The greenery on the islands was good too and actually looked sharper and crisper than before.

All that's left to do now is get a modem card installed and connect the whole shebang into the LAN.

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Not handin' out any Cigars yet, Paddles.

Still got a bit of tweeking to do and then some file loading, but yea, it's nice to know that I assembled a bunch of spare parts into a working PC.

Sweated bullets over it, knowing that if I broke any of the doo-dads, I'd be paying for it, not some faceless factory worker.

But so far so good......damn thing is even quieter than the freezer nearby.

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One thing I did notice, though............no smoke columns from the tanks I hit.

Check your config.ini file, near the bottom. You will see a line that reads "Effects=X"

X=0 is little or no effects

X=1 are full effects.

Make sure that line reads Effects=1

I've not tried =2 or 3, don't know if that even exsists.

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